Help with skins


I’m trying to print a simple badge holder (refer to: Thingiverse - Customizeable Badge/Card Holder). I customized mine for a 1.5 mm badge.

Lately, when I print the badge holder, I’m getting some ‘skin’ pealing as shown here:

I’m using FS 0.91 and using Cura2 as the slicer with default settings. The Filament is from Flux.
I was wondering if I need to change the skin_overlap_mm setting to something more than the FS default of 0.02.
Does anyone, with lots of printing under their belt, know if I’m correct or is there some other variables I need to play with under the Flux Studio hood?

Or, could it be that I didn’t have enough glue on the build plate and the outer most skin just didn’t say put to be melted with the next inner skin?

Months ago I was able to print this without this issue. I think I was on FS 0.84 at the time, but it has been awhile (my motor board failed since then and I haven’t been printing in over a month). I’m not trying to say or even think it is a FS software version problem. Maybe the design, Cura2 setting, or just not enough glue for it to stick to. Looking for insights from others so I can adjust accordingly. (I am currently trying to re-print this with skin_overlap_mm=0.4 to see if that helps along with a lot more glue :wink:).



I was having a similar issue with vertical layers not bonding well.

This is what I changed in settings to fix the problem:

Cura & Cura2: Material Flow = 150

Slic3r: Extrusion Multiplier = 1.5

You may need to fine tune this based on what PLA you’re using.

Good Luck…


Thank you Jerry. I’ll give it a try.
Update: making the change for Cura2 worked out.