Head dragging on print when moving to new postion


This is a fantastic idea. I’m in too. I need to reset my settings since they are all over the place after last nights fiasco, and do the 0.8.1 update anyway. I’ve been have all kinds of mixed bag results since 0.7.6 so I like the idea of standardizing our settings and having a good calibration set.

Timing couldn’t be better. Maybe we can send the file to Maker’s Muse too… LOL

The only thing I can’t do is us FLUX PLA, that has been gone for a very, very long time. I’ll pick a nice color.


I like that idea too… will print a benchy when I get home :slight_smile: I has been a while.
A lot of my test prints are marvins these days as it is a bit quicker.
No flux PLA left for me neither .


@mc_ott I haven’t finished install & setup yet and only briefly looked over that PDF, but did I detect a bit of cheating on the temperatures? :spy:


@BoozeKashi, I was experimenting to figure out what was the role of material_initial_print_temperature and material_final_print_temperature. I left them high by mistake in my settings but as far as I can tell, these parameters are not being used by Flux-Studio yet.


Yeah, I plugged them in just to see what they would do out of curiosity, but no effect.


my print head is still dragging over the infill with the settings from mc_ott


Same here. I actually had to remove the z_offset as it was too high for me (first layer attached to nozzle syndrome)… so I reverted it back to 0.0/default. I didn’t have the patience to try dialing it in… so it became 'ol clunky again, but the print didn’t go anywhere.


I just switched back to trying to get my Simplify 3d working. Cura 2 built in or stand alone cause me issues… did quite a few test prints with cura stand alone that go nowhere:(
Will see if I have an easier time tuning Simplify 3d


Only thing I managed in cura is to replicate one of the Problems Angus had in his review :frowning:

Looks quite similar to what he had on his prints and thats cura 2.5

Simplify 3d seems good at the moment… no knocking and dragging so far :slight_smile:

Yup did not too bad…

Now I only need to try and fix those start/end points :wink:


The only reason for that, I can think off, would be variations in hardware tolerances or plays. In a simplistic thinking, if z command sends the head up by .2mm (layer thickness) but if the belt pulleys have a play or wobble in their axis, that may cause the .1mm or less up-down uncertainty, which may cause dragging. I can not remember if there z-hop setting that can be used to move the head up more than the layer thickness (ex. 2 x layer height) for any jumps across the print. Just some thoughts!


Starting to wonder if there might be too much play in the LM8LLU Bearings that some people have been upgrading / replacing.

On the other had z hop seems to work better in simplify 3d than in cura and in both I was using 0.3 mm at 0.2 mm layer height.

The strangest thing is while printing I actually see it do the z hop when using gcode from simlify 3d but in cura I can´t.


I have never messed with z hop at all.

I have had to remove the 0.1 z offset when using my glass plate as it was ‘airstruding’, but it works 100% better with the 0.1 offset when using the mag plate.

@Tiwaz you are having some really bizarre issues that seem really tricky to nail down. You might want to try a complete uninstall and reinstall of FLUX Studio to get rid of any ‘cruft’ in settings, and also give your whole machine a good looking over. Specific areas to check close are the extruder, work the lever release a little too, make sure it isn’t binding, and look in there with a flash light to check for old bits or any nicks or burrs. Look at the pulley and hobbed gear alignment while you are there too. Check the PTFE connections at both ends, and of course, give it a good lubrication, but before you do that, take a close look at the ball heads with a loupe or magnifier and check for any signs of chipping or chrome surface wearing out.

I get that dragging on infill, but only once in a while. But you are getting hit with what seems like a bunch of issues, so let’s try to eliminate any hardware culprits. Then it will be easier to focus on software.

Trouble is, jumping from S3D to Cura to FS really only compounds the issue. If you can get it making a ‘decent’ print with FS, then the other slicers can really shine, but trying to use the other slicers to overcome something else is treating the symptom not the cause. I’d work on getting a basic marvin out of FS with Cura, then Cura2 first, after you verify hardware.


yup I got an idea… taking the head apart now… I think I have a clog or a partial one somewhere.

I noticed when I load an bush the filament by hand even then it seems that there is too much resistance somewhere.

did check the PTFE tube but nothing in there.