Geometric Error Correction


@proclaim What does Geometric Error Correction do?

In my attempts to get a decent calibration I have tried changing this setting but it seems to make no difference to my calibration results.
The problem I have now though is that I cannot input the original value!!
I can either input 0 or 0.2 but not the original 0.125 !!
What does this setting do and does it matter?


Where do you even find that setting? I’ve looked a little bit, and haven’t stumbled upon it.


It’s under Preferences, select your machine and it should show you the picture below (Win10 x63 FS 0.7.3)


Now with FS 0.7.8, I can change this setting back to 0.125 !
… BUT, what does it do!!!


There was something about that a long time ago in one of the updates.

IIRC it was about a fix to make circles come out like circles and not stepped trapezoids, and squares to have actual squared corners. Something like that.

I’ll try to find it. But hey, at least you can change it back. They made a whole update just for you because you fiddled with a setting :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found it. It’s for engraving, not printing. For making geometric shapes to look like, well geometric shapes… Here’s the early thread on it, where it was buried in expert settings before it was moved to machine settings in FS 0.6.2


Ah, that’s why it made no difference. Thanks!


Ah ha, but it made the difference between 0.7.7 and 0.7.8 when you discovered that it could be changed and not changed back again :slight_smile: