FYI - Japan does not use grounded plugs


This is more than a little annoying.

Most things in Japan do not use 3 prong grounded plugs. Only 2 prong.

I have some power strips in my studio because I have profit lights purchased from the US.

Please consider that if you ship more units to Japan.


The unit is made in Taiwan and we too have no grounded plugs. Drives me crazy. Very unsafe and causes buzz in audio equipment. But the rest of the world uses grounded and I am glad they do. While in Taiwan, some people cut off the ground post on their plugs but I just buy strips or adapters. Many many electronic products come with the three prong plugs and I am glad they do. Consider the adapters and run a ground line someday. :slightly_smiling:


Hospitals are pretty much the only places that have them standard.

I found an extra strip so I am good for now. I lease this office so it is not worth the trouble to hire someone in to deal with it.

Thanks for the reply