[FOUND] Searching for Flux 3D Delta+ Default Print Test .STL file


Hello all: Im looking for the default test print .stl file that loaded up when the test print prompt came up during my initial Flux 3D Delta+ setup. Can anyone help me locate that file or provide direction as to its location?

2017/07/27 - 01:30hrs
I would like to cancel this request as I located the temporary file on my PC the old fashion way, searching .stl and .obj files. Once I located the temp file I opened it up in a 3D viewer and saved it to a known location.

Thank you in advance - LenK13…


How about sharing the .stl file you found with the rest of us, as I can’t find it on my Mac anywhere. I’d like to reprint it for a couple of friends.



Hello All:

For those of you that asked about the original .STL file that I was able to recover/locate on my PC. I can not upload it here due to the limited type file extensions attachments that the forum permits.

I will email it to all those that requested the original .STL file.



What about just sharing the file location with the rest of us? ha ha


I don’t know where the calibration cube file is kept but you can get it in Windows from the C:\Temp folder if you start the demo up and select Slic3r as the slicer. It pops up there with the gcode and an ini file after generating the preview.

Edit: if you are using Cura1 or 2 then the files pop up in C:\Users\your account\AppData\Local\Temp