Forums Downtime


Have the forums been down for the past few days, or was that just me? Anyway, I’m glad it’s back!


Not just you. They broke.

Glad they are back too. Now I can search all the questions I acquired trying to figure things out on my own over the weekend. :slight_smile:


Backups filled up the disk space, we removed some old files and it works now.


No, it’s not you… Alicia finally got her Flux, so naturally the forum just had to promptly break :wink:

@Simon He he… pesky backups… maybe not such a good idea? :laughing: :laughing:


To be fair - it didn’t STOP me from turning my desk into a study of entropy (more so than normal) full of random plastic objects.

(with random crochet / cricut / bike mod hardware hanging out in the back where it all got shoved when I started taking things off the mat)

But the tracking spreadsheet I set up is definitely full of a lot of notes of things to now search (on the plus side now I actually know “what” I’m searching). There were a lot of things I’ve read from you guys over the years that was like “ok I’m sure what’s important…maybe…eventually…but I have no idea why…”. Where as now I’m like “ok…I need to find that post I saw 8 months ago about X because I’m sure someone mentioned three different settings to try when this happens…”.

I am about 20 prints in and aside from a little divet where the printer lost power suddenly as a print was starting…very suddenly…(oops…) and the printer head dropped down and hit it - and the magnetic mat looks identical to when it got here. No deforming or tearing yet.