FluxStudio install/re-install


Now that the version of FS is at 0.6.0, i’m wondering what the right way to install these updates should be (at least for a x64 Windows 10 OS). Can someone share? There never was or is (as I know) any installation instruction

I ask, because I had 0.4.1 and 0.4.3 installed - I just renamed the FLUX folder under C:/Program Files to FLUX 0.4.1 or FLUX 0.4.3, etc.
When I just installed 0.6.0, I noticed that when I looked at the advanced settings, the Slicing Engine selected was Slic3r and not Cura as the release notes indicated was the default.

Are there other files somewhere else that I should be purging when I install a new version?

BTW: to Flux team…keep up the great effort in making this a great product.


My primary OS is the same - x64 Windows 10 - but I also run on Ubuntu linux on the same box.

I usually just install the new version over the top of the last - I just keep all the older installers in case I need to roll back. In this case, when I did the upgrade from 0.5 or 0.6 (which I don’t usually do so soon… I usually wait a week to let everyone else find the bugs for me! :stuck_out_tongue: ) I didn’t see the new camera option. the slicer didn’t change since I have been using Cura since it was added to Flux Studio, but I also couldn’t get that to switch to Cura as the default. I ended up going to Advanced -> Expert -> Reset Config, and then File -> Reset (maybe only need to do the File -> Reset though?). This will clear all settings, so you do need to add your printer again, but it certainly cleaned all the cobwebs out for me :wink: Then I just went in and added my preferred brim setting, and should be right to go again.

It looks like HayoBrouwer did the same to get the slicer to ‘default’ to Cura : FLUX Studio 0.6.0 Change log


Thanks Pfeerick. I would think there would be a way to re-import/re-load your settings. Well, I know you can, but what I mean is that say you set up your preferred brim in 0.5.0…saved that setting, then wanted to go ahead and wipe out 0.5.0 and install 0.6.0. Where did that 0.5.0 setting go with the brim? How would you just load that back into 0.6.0?
Maybe something Flux has on their list for a future release? Maybe something to add to the list or have I just not poked around enough to find out where those setting files are saved so I can copy them and then reload them.



usually you upgrade your version by over-write the previous version. the default engine is set to Cura means when there’s no preference found in the system (fresh install).

if you want to keep your configuration profile, you can do so by open the advanced window, on the bottom left, there’s a disk icon for you to save your configuration.

note that the primary configuration will not change when you upgrade / downgrade


Thanks for the information.
I’ll make sure that I upgrade by over-writing the previous version for the next version.
BTW: my 0.6.0 seems to be working fine. I couldn’t bind with my machine on the first go around. I’ll try again (I think I read someone took up to 3+ tries before it took).


Is Cura the recommended slicer now? I didn’t have any problems with Slic3r but whatever works best I will use.