Flux studio unable to connect when sonos app is open


Just now I wanted to print something. Printer on and connected (IOS app working great, camera ready).
Somehow Flux studio is not able to find my printer (on the same wifi network). Just getting an error from flux studio (6.x) unable to find my device.
Then I quit the sonos desktop mac app and problem gone.

So not something really problematic but maybe something for the software team to look into.

Maybe there are other aplications causing issues with connecting as well.


This problem is typical of two applications that use the same port UDP/TCP. The only way for Flux to solve this is to apply to have their port number marked reserved by the IANA here : https://www.iana.org/form/ports-services, which they will never do because their app is not as famous as skype for exemple, so if conflicts happen it is no big deal, it is something they are aware of.They just can not guess which app will be in conflict.


Just had a quick look at the Sonos app. That’s a hardware/software combo that is beaming music & wifi signals all over your house.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a look in Preferences/Settings on that app to see if there are any options to change the wifi channel, It could just be a congestion issue, most apps like that usually do. Also worth checking is if your router is capable of dual banding and run Sonos at 5Ghz and FLUX Delta at 2.4Ghz, that could be a possible solution.