Flux Studio for Linux


Hi guys,
What about a version for Linux?
I have only Linux machines @ home, when I’ll get the Printer (hopefully in March) I want to be able to use it :slight_smile:

Thank you,


I would also like a Linux version, or at least tips on Linux software that will work with FLUX.


Hi all,
I would also like to have a native Linux-Version of Flux Studio.


Same here. Or a how-to make it work with Wine


I also would like a Linux version of the software!


Linux support would be awesome, and there is already a os x version.


The feature is under developing in this sprint. We’ve ran unit tests of backend API on Ubuntu for months. Our major issue now is building nwjs 13 in linux environment. Any experience would help.


Not at all.
What about an API running on the flux itself?
The flux studio software would be nice, the ability to configure the machine and send print-ready data without flux studio would be priceless.


How can we help? Now that I finally got Flux working on Windows 10 I can’t wait to have it working in Ubuntu (which is my OS of choice, I only use Windows for gaming :wink:).

I know from experience that you could run into issues with the stock Ubuntu packages when you use Node.js. Installing the nodejs-legacy package (apt-get install nodejs-legacy) could help there.


What about having it work for REMIX OS?

I believe it’s an android based linux OS.
It uses apps from the google play store I believe.

It would pair up greatly with a PINE 64.
I don’t want to have to keep my laptop on just to run prints.
A low powered pine 64 pc would do the job just great.
They are currently developing ubuntu to run on it.


Just in case: The laptop doesn’t have to be on or connected to the printer once a print has started. After the uploading of the print job, you can freely close the software. The printer will handle the whole job without any connection.

If you already know this, cool. But in case someone doesn’t, there ya go.


Sweet I was unsure if this was possible since I thought the data is being transmitted wirelessly in bursts rather than all at once. I’m going to shutdown the pc now. Thanks!


I would LOVE to have a native linux version, I’d like to attach a raspberry pi to the Flux and run it straight from linux.


There is a native linux version. I use it every day with my Arch Linux.
Got to Downloads, pick the Ubuntu-version and install it.

But I’m not sure about running it on a Raspberry Pi, because of OpenGL.


As tomtux said, there is - the Ubuntu version on the downloads page. But I also don’t fancy your changes due to OpenGL and different architectures - ARM vs x86/amd64.