FLUX Studio 0.7.5 Change Log


FLUX Studio 0.7.5

New Features
– Added a new device setting: Disable movement tests before printing
– Added a new device setting: Machine Radius, for better geometric correction

Bug Fixes
– Fixed support disabling

FLUX Delta Series Firmware 1.6.40

– Configurable machine radius, for better geometric correction(With FLUX Studio 0.7.5)
– Configurable movement tests, users are now able to disable the feature(With FLUX Studio 0.7.5)

– Upgrade Kit Extrusion Issue
– Partial Binding Issue
– Partial Operation Error Issue

– Retract 40mm when task aborted by user
– Movement tests is disable by default for FLUX Delta origina


Loaded no issues thus far. Please still want the print log with hours used, for maintenance log and stats!


@proclaim @Simon
Hum…Classic problem of Flux software… Fixed one and broke other… This error was happened on starting printing task when it was on home routine :rage: Secondly, I can’t see a printer on mobile app. I roll back previous version of FS and firmware; it works.


@proclaim: In the Preference window and in the Machine pane, at the very bottom there is a setting “Machine Radius” it shows 96.7mm. I suppose that is the dimension used for the movement test. I set the Radius to 99.7mm and the movement test did it successfully. I also noticed the radius cannot be set smaller than 93.7mm.

According to my test, the platform diameter limit of 170mm could be greater than 190mm but for some reason it is set smaller in Flux Studio? Could you change the firmware to give us access to the bigger platform area?

Also while at it, could you also set the nozzle Temperature limit 10 C higher, since now you have metal bottom cover in the print heads?


The building platform are set as following x axis = 120mm, y-axis = 120mm, and z-axis = 210mm that are based on the formula for a delta printer. How do you justify on your test that a Flux platform could be more than 170mm. That’s also how far a tool head could travel without snapping a rod support from a socket.


If you follow my post above and check the Machine pane in Preferences, you will see that the “Machine radius” is set to R=96.7mm, the “Movement test” follows that big circle I think. I even tried R=99.7 and the Movement test was successful. Now unless my interpretation of the data in the Machine pane is wrong, there is no mechanical limitation to go >170mm diameter up to at least 199.4mm diameter. When I input a cylinder of D=195mm and height=2mm on the build plate, Flux Studio refuses because of the 170mm software limit.

@proclaim, @wei please comment on why there is a Dia=170mm software limit in FS?


I use the a diameter 170mm on spec for setting building platform in Simplify3D. Let the creator confirm on the spec.


I noticed the difference in time for printing changes a lot based on the slicer engine, as well as the filament used estimate.

Test Box
26M.42s slicr 6.6g
21M25S Cura 6g
33M56S Cura 2 11.6g

It seems that using the original cura engine is faster and the least amount of filament used estimate

This is the test I do all the time


Out of curiosity, are weights actuals or just the estimates that Studio gives you?


I have noticed that in Cura2 if you select the infill type as Automatic, it does a good job of reducing infill by what looks like thickening walls on slopes rather than building scaffolding and this reduces print time considerably.


The sclicer knows how much it is telling the extruded motor to turn in program so it can calculate the amount of filament it will extrude and estimate a weight used. Different filaments are different weights for a given extrusion so it will be an average estimate.
I weigh my reels when new so if I weigh a 1kg reel as say 1.2kg I estimate the reel holder itself to be 200g and then I know that when it weighs only 300g I should have aproximately 100g of filament left. The slicer estimates are reliable enough that my models when printed are within a few grams of the estimate.



I always wondered why your S3D profiles were set at 120x 120y 210z

I have just been changing them all to 170 x 170 x 210 with 85x center & 85y center all along.

I just thought you were doing something strange or only wanted to use just the very center of the plate.

FLUX Delta has always been a 170 radius. The Z height increased during the campaign, but the radius of 170 has always been at 170. You’ve been cheating yourself out of 50mm*R2 all this time?

Direct from main FLUX page:


You use a formula above to calculate a building platform. X = 170mm x cos (45 degrees) = 120mm and Y = 170mm x sin (45 degrees) =120mm.


Why are you starting your calculation of the formula with the stated build area?


I think FLUX Team already did that calculation when they stated the build area of 170, then you took that and calculated it smaller.

I have been regularly changing all of your S3D profiles to 170 x 170 x 210 with centers at 85s and always wondered why you were doing that.

But better than all this talk, pictures.


You can build a 170mm diameter circle and a 120mm side square on Flux platform. The formula is calculated the largest square platform that it can be built within a 170mm round platform.


Ok, this is just an issue of the description of build area as 170 Ø or converting to a square. I see what you are talking about. Kind of a common problem when comparing delta printers to others, ideally software should adjust for that, when you tell it circular or square, but it does appear S3D may not be doing it correctly.

Enough thread hijacking, back to 0.7.5 issues. There are several already.

How are we supposed to use this Machine Radius setting?

Status Callback URL still broken.

Geometric Error correction, anyone have a clue what/how to adjust that?


Yes, getting the same “Paused Frome Error” every time when starting a print from gcode. Load the gcode. Click start. It uploads. Click little start arrow. Wait a few seconds. Paused from Error. Click start again. Print Starts.


Hello, I always use automatic. The timings that I showed for all 3 slicer engines were automatic and the infill was at either 15 or 20% - not home to look.


The Pause from Error bug has gone away with Firmware update 1.6.51

Other bugs:

When loading filament, pressing the FLUX button on the machine when loading is finished sometimes does not register in FLUX Studio, which stays on the loading screen. Click Cancel has no effect. The only option is to force quit the FLUX Studio app and restart it.

I noticed with 0.7.5 at the start of every print, after the code is sent to the printer, just before the printer begins the auto-level process, a very fast retract process has been implemented. Seems like about 8-10mm at about 90mm/s+ This is too fast, it is causing filament to whip and buck so hard that it has caused a break once, and another time knocked filament completely out from between the hobbed gear and follower pulley, which meant a very delicate unloading. A third time it caused the extruder follower pulley spring to dislodge from the detent post.