FLUX Studio 0.6.2 Change Log


Have you tried to repair a model before slicing it?


Hi goldensnake, it’s not the model. The calibration issue has happened with some twenty different things I’ve printed since updating to 0.6.2 . The double homing issue with a saved .fc file I only noticed because I was doing a big print and wanted to print again using the saved file. I had to reslice it to get it to work again.


It’s months now I have the same problem: the right part is perfectly leveled but the left is too low and at the beginning the toolhead is almost touching the bed and no PLA comes out. Of course after a couple of layers is everything leveled again but this is not how it use to be. Never had problems and 4-5 months ago with an update it started. Sent a ticket together with the problem of the laser popping out and they told me that probably it was because of the laser but after installing the new bit nothing changed. Reported again but so far they didn’t fix it, at least for me.
It’s just very annoying, but I can still print. Since it’s clearly a software/firmware problem I really hope they fix it very soon.


So it would be worth playing around with settings first if it’s not specific to 0.6.2. I’ll try changing those calibration settings under preferences first. Then there is that mysterious geometry adjustment that appeared in 0.6.2 as well…


I tried changing z offset but of course didn’t work because I was fixing the left part but then the right part was too high and the PLA wasn’t attaching to the bed.
Like a month ago with “run auto leveling with clear data” I was lucky enough to probably reset everything (?) and the leveling went back to normal… for 3-4 times, then it got worse and worse and now I’m back in the same situation and the trick doesn’t work anymore.


have you tried running auto leveling with clean data?


Hi Proclaim, my calibration issue is fixed. I did some test pieces and although the right side wasn’t sticking down, the left side wasn’t stuck down as firmly as it used to be either. I tried a calibration with clean data but the results were the same. I did a z offset of -0.2 in settings and now everything is sticking again and there’s not too much ridging in the left hand side plastic. Thanks for the advise though. Glad my problems are not as bad as Beganio’s (sorry!).