FLUX Studio 0.6.0 Change log



I have been in IT for over 25 years, from first starting out as suppoort, to building and desiging data centers, to large enterprise security and disaster recovery for fortune 500 companies. If I know that a file is safe, I sometimes have to disable the virus checker to install… There is something called false positives. The virus scanner looks for patterns of code if it sees a pattern it thinks it is a virus. So for someone who may be called an idiot, I have never had a system that I was managing, be infected by a virus. Only a person that does not know what they are doing will inflict their own misery.


In previous versions of the Flux software, specific virus or trojans have been identified…I assume just by signature (but I don’t know for sure), so yes, may have been false positives…but I’m going to be more cautious than less.

The most recent issue was one of Trust (as indicated by Norton, and as I indicated in my message…trust is different than being infected). Trust will tend to require more people to approve the app as safe.

I’m going to treat each update as a possible infection vector and be cautious…that’s what my over 30 years in IT has taught me.



I did another print, it was suppose to be 3hrs 40 minutes, with Cura. At 62% percent, and 1 hour 37 minutes to go, it went to 100% and completed.


If the printer is shut down but the software is still running, after I start up the printer again, and the software sees it as Idle, it cannot print again until I restart the software. There’s no error message, I just get a dialog like this:


I get this all the time, especially if I cancel a print at the printer.


I just posted similar issue before reading this. Please post if you find a resolution.