FLUX Studio 0.4.2 Changelog


FLUX Studio 0.4.2 Changelog

New Feature

  • Device settings are now available. User can now enable / disable functions such as
    • Calibration
    • Filament detection
    • Toolhead error detection
    • Smart task continuation due to error (#114 - bad connection)
    • UPnP broadcast
  • Display current slicing status on bottom left
  • Added first layer temperature settings
  • Auto pause at Nth layer (beta)
  • Load selected image as engraving interface background


  • User can disable UI/UX improvement tracking through GA

  • FS monitor can quit from maintaining mode

  • Display calibration data at end of calibration process

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to export scene when model is duplicated through ctrl (cmd) + D
  • Not displaying correct SSID name at the end of wifi setup
  • Fixed broken tutorial step at loading filament
  • Unable to export scene from menu
  • Fixed wrong extension when exporting from pen drawing function
  • Other minor fixes

Other Improvements

  • Threejs upgraded from version r71 to r80

  • Improve file loading speed

  • Calibration before checking head (only extruder is allowed)

for auto pause at the nth layer, please use the command in expert mode, ex:
pause_at_layers = 13,27



Pause at layers is going to be great for swapping colors!


And inserting nuts, magnets, etc.


Of course! I’ve got a bunch of tiny neodymium magnets that I bought for when I do a reprint of the articulated octopus :smiley: :octopus:


I’m unable to use this as Norton Security (Symantec) keeps flagging the installer as having Heur.AdvML.B virus. It immediately quarantines it and will not restore it (as I have been able to do in the past).


Thanks for the option to disable the print head tilt error. I was starting to get several tilt error dialogs per hour of printing, with no real tilt problem. This happened even with frequent lubricating of the Flux moving components. By disabling the tilt error, I can now run long prints again without the frequent interruptions.


FS 0.4.2 is unreliably connected to the printer. Reloading FS won’t help. Rolling back to version 0.4.1 is working fine.


same as me…Norton security said High risk and automatically delete it. Hope Flux team will be update soon,


Hi, all, we ran the antivirus and didn’t find any virus in our server. I am thinking the cause is because of the submission of the UI usage. Have you guys tried turning it off? another way to reset this option is to go to files > reset, which should clear the FS settings (use with caution, this does reset the FS and start from a fresh FS). Then choose “no”.

we will try to investigate again on Tuesday (Monday is our holiday).
sorry for the trouble and we’ll keep you updated.



Are you understanding that it’s the installer exe that’s raising the red flags w/Norton Security?


o.k. thanks. I’ll try and follow your proposals on moeday.


FYI: I just retried, and Norton Security didn’t flag the installer as having a virus/trojan, so possibly they’ve updated their heuristics, or specifically tested and approved it.


Please add a usage log in the software, that we can reset, that allows us to see when to do maintenance. I hate having a clipboard next to my printer that I have to complete with every print job… @proclaim Thank you


@proclaim, @Simon
I have been using Flux printer with Flux Studio for 9 months. I also have had good and bad days on wireless connection between them. To the point that Flux MUST have the alternative connection beside wireless as the primary. Why don’t Flux use the existing USB to serial for secondary connection? Since the wireless has never been reliable at all. Any serious thought on that in beginning of your design?


I updatet my flux studio from 0.4.1 to 0.4.2. It doubled my print time! Switched back to 0.4.1. Please fix this on the next update.


the timer for maintenance is in the work queue, and it should be coming soon as we have a much prior task that we’re working on FLUX-app, which you can use on your mobile device. This will allow users to view, control and print tasks (that’s already printed or uploaded to the device).

I understand your pain as we do occasionally encounter this problem. We do have a task for that too, which is to allow users to use USB, sending task directly instead of Wifi.

when you mean print time is double, do you mean the estimated time or the actual print time? does any other user encounter this problem?



the estimated print time is doubled. with fs 0.4.1 was the estimated time ~1h. with 0.4.2. ~2h. i switched back to 0.4.1 befor i printed it so i dont know if it would really take that long


let me investigate and get back to you @TKC