FLUX Studio 0.4.1 / Frimware 1.3.b8 Changelog


Hi all~, here’s the changelog for the newest software. please report any problem that you encountered. =)

FLUX Studio 0.4.1 Changelog

New Feature

  • FLUX Delta is now able to connect to hidden SSID during wifi setup through “join network”


  • Removed auto resize when importing model. The original size will be displayed

Bug Fixes

  • Delete file in flux monitor will delete model if model is selected
  • When re-slicing after clicked go and encountered error, wrong fcode will be sent to device and cause error
  • Cura overhang setting is now working
  • Fixed set default check mark not displayed from the device menu
  • Fixed save task during slicing will not trigger download prompt
  • Fixed script error when clicked on the bottom left “complete” notification (when a default device is set)

Other Improvements

  • Dashboard should be more responsive
  • Calibration will check for head existance
  • Slic3r will detect 100% infill with wrong infill pattern
  • Added FLUX Studio version information in bug report
  • Increased buffer size to prevent file loading freeze
  • Updated time estimation for scanning
  • Undo function now supports add / remove object
  • Reconnect when the machine restarts and connect with a different RSA key
  • other minor fixes ​

FLUX Firmware 1.3.b8 Changelog

  • Fixed: Authentication with empty password
  • Fixed: config_flux.txt serial number issue
  • New: Supports custom toolheads
  • New: Supports Hidden SSID
  • New: Double button push to restart the most recent task

New software v0.4.1


It is definitely more responsive!! I have printed, no issues thus far! My printer appears quicker in the monitor, no waiting. Great Job!!


My experience echoes what @pmbroth said… more responsive and no issues so far with printing. I installed the new firmware as well as the latest FS.


Is the new delta firmware 1.3.b8 safe? I read the last time a new software version with a letter in its name was released that it was bricking the delta. So i am very careful now on new updates…


Installed the new software and firmare and everything seems fine, my 10x10x10mm test cube printed fine.

The only strange thing I noticed so far:

Flux Studio showed 66% and then jumped to job complete. I did not check is the estimated time was accurate.


One thing I did notice on the one and only print done after the update was that the time remaining indicator stopped at 78% and didn’t restart. The print finished successfully and FS indicated that the job was complete.


My second small test did nearly the same thing jumped from 72% to finished.

Time estimate is fairly accurate however.

Ooh and I should mention I used cura as the internal slicer for flux studio.


Installed 0.4.1 Win 64. Get this:

Can see printer and access camera. Cannot import stl.

Any ideas?


try re-installing. I have installed on several computers, and have this issue that has been consistent for many of the releases:

When I go to start a print, sometimes it does not start, and the screen in the app just flashes, I then have to click on device, select the printer, and then start again.


All version up to 0.3.19 fine. With 0.4.1 all I get is this empty screen :frowning:

Even reinstalling failed. Maybe issues with NVidia Drivers ?

Reinstalling 0.3.19, everything is fine again.


I’m using nvidia drivers and on another system ati drivers.


Just tried to Debug, I’m getting several errors :

  1. Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE
  2. Uncaught ReferenceError: ga is not defined

stderr fluxghost: 0.6.0, fluxclient: 1.0b3
[2016-09-15 20:23:14,INFO,HTTPServer] Listen HTTP on

Seeking deeper into that :

    // google analytics
    window.GA=window.GA||function(){(ga.q=ga.q||[]).push(arguments)};ga.l=+new Date;
    ga('create', 'UA-40862421-6', 'auto');
    ga('send', 'pageview');

So, my question is: Why on earth does Flux send data to Google Analytics ?


I’m not exactly sure, but I think is because they are using this api of google to analyze the interaction of the user with the intention to check the possible problems on the graphic interface of the application or other statistic that this provide to make better upgrades in the future.

Like I said I’m not exactly sure of the reason, but that is the first thing that came to my mind


@pmbroth When you reinstall, do you remove the previous installation, or do you just essentially double install right out of the gate?


I just installed right over the pre-existing version…


I’ve reinstalled several times now… I’m speculating, but it appears to be trying to access some library not included in the install files that it apparently assumes is on and up to date on all computers.
I wish I knew what file it was looking for so I could fix it.

@proclaim any idea what library file I’m missing? Without the software working, all I have now is an expensive blinking LED light…


Well done! No more random UH-OH messages. One of my test is after let printer is on, FS is opened and no printing for a day. Next day, I start on unloading filament, no response are on both printer and FS. Restart FS and it’s OK. Do have any plan on improving 3D scanner on Flux?


Ok, if I patch index.html and remove the google analytics lines, I finally see the printing menu as usually. Seems the “ga is not defined” from google analytics causes a lot of troubles, including network issues. No more problems if I manually patch it :frowning:

So as a request, can you please add exception handling to this line in index.html : "window.GA=window.GA||function(){(ga.q=ga.q||[]).push(arguments)};ga.l=+new Date; " ?


For a temporary solution for all others :
If you use an antivirus tool or the official google analytics blocker or other solutions like eblocker, adfree or pihole, in order to use FLUX Studio 0.4.1 correctly, disable it, otherwise it won’t work and will only display a white screen.

As for the pi-hole, just do “whitelist.sh www.google-analytics.com”.

In terms of privacy, offline usage and internet freedom, I really do hope that this issue in FLUX Studio will be fixed very soon :slight_smile: