Flux Studio 0.3.16 Bug Report



  1. After waking up PC from sleep and Flux Studio is opened in a morning, started load filament and connection error message when I clicked on “Next” on loading filament. Click OK to close the message. FS went back to load filament dialog box. Clicked “Next” and it worked.

  1. Then I uploaded gcode file and started on printing. Calibration was once in a center plate and WOW!!! it printed on mid air at 170C, which was a temp at calibration; it should be at 215C for a skirt and first layer. I aborted a print and went back to S3D to review settings and gcode file; everything were correct. Here is link of printing in mid air.
  2. Next step, I did manual calibration and it did three points calibration. Then I started on printing again and WOW!!! it repeated again as same as steps above. Restart FS and it still did a same thing, print on mid air at 170C.
  3. Power cycle a printer. Generated gcode and reviewed it. Deleted old file on SD card and uploaded a new gcode to SD folder and started printing and it is printing normally. :grinning::sweat_smile::joy:
    @proclaim Can you explain it to me what’s happened? Every time I’m testing a new Flux Studio version and it likes to open a Pandora’s box.
  4. Here is another error message and clicked retry then it’s OK.
  5. Quick Fix on “ranout of filament” error.


Same problem here… first few small test prints with the new version worked fine and then it happened.
After power cyling the printer I could not even reconnect to it…

Went back to 0.3.10 same thing… seriously wtf guys… do some QA.

Update: well 0.3.10 decided to connect again but still please test your software in house @proclaim
Recent software issues and the firmware bricking issue make me very hesitant now to even try new versions.


Use command line to run “ipconfig /release & ipconfig /renew”. It works for me when I first run FS 0.3.16 and when it doesn’t see a printer.


This is a second time I have to use “ipconfig /release & ipconfig /renew” to reconnect to a printer. Are some new changes on wifi connection protocol?
Also @Simon claim that I can import gcode file from third party slicer and print from FS 0.3.16 without uploading directly to SD folder and print from there, it doesn’t work on when using import.