FLUX Mobile App


After the last round of software and firmware updates, I’ve been able to test the mobile app. I had some trouble “binding” the printer at first, but the newest software doesn’t exhibit the same glitch, so I’ve got it working now.

Here’s what it looks like, in case you’re curious.

Basically, it’s a video monitoring app with the ability to pause and kill a print. Simple, but quite useful, actually.

It appears that you still have to slice and start prints from your normal desktop application, but once a print is started, you can monitor it from a different room and stop it if there’s a problem.

Nice work, guys!


I’ve still been unable to ‘Bind’ from FLUX Studio, tried every combination of software restarting, FLUX Delta restarting, rebooting, etc. possible, and still no luck. Waited for hours and nothing.

Have not been able to try the mobile app at all. Submitted my iOS email for the Test Flight app process, but have not received a reply back. @proclaim Is there something else we need to do to get the beta, and or get the binding process to work?


hold on, @BoozeKashi, I might have some time to investigate this for you while I’m also investing this issue for other users, mean while, please send your bug report to me


Yes, nice job guys! I received my test flight code for IOS last week and this morning I woke up to this welcome sight>

I did not realise the code can only be redeemed once so I first installed it on my iPhone and then couldn’t on my iPad. Oh well.
One good thing is that I accidentally set the angle of reflection so I can see the top of the completed print!

Here’s my wish list of improvements>

  1. A light on the camera arm so I don’t need to keep my cabinet lights on all night.
  2. A sound notification on pausing, errors or completed so I don’t need to keep checking the app and refreshing it.
  3. An indication that data is being received as the app tends to freeze and I have to go into the “about” menu and out again for it to refresh.
  4. Smaller or less easily pressed, pause and stop buttons set further away from the camera ON/OFF button… With the delays in swapping between apps and swiping message lists etc and the small size of the phone screen, it would be easy to accidental press the pause or stop buttons which I really don’t want to do. ( like, press the app icon, nothing is happening for 4 seconds, press the app icon again but just as I press on the screen the app appears and the stop button is right where my finger is pressing the screen again, oh sh…) I don’t know if it asks “are you sure?”.


Do you have to be conneted to the wifi to monitor the print or can you do it in 4g?


It connects everywhere. Also in other w-lan environment or 4g


I use gotomypc to remote start a print and then use this app to monitor / stop etc.

Works great :slight_smile:


Thanks Jim @proclaim Just as stated FLUX Studio never ‘Binds’ just spinning wheel forever. Test Flight invitation for app hasn’t arrived.


I really agree with the light on the camera arm, I was thinking myself how to add it…


It would be nice if it could be turned on and off in the app or just wired into the camera power so it comes on with the camera or wired to the camera power with a switch. I would be interested if you manage to do it!


Eh… yes, it would be nice… but a Flux engineer should help us. Anybody listening??!

I don’t know the voltage of the camera sensor, if it’s similar/same of a led (or two…) we could probably attach the leds in parallel with the sensor (hoping that we can get enough mW) and the theory is that when the camera is switched on then also the leds should be on. On the camera arm we can make a couple of holes to glue the leds from the inside, the wiring can follow the same path of the camera sensor.

Said it like this seems very easy, isn’t it?

And in that occasion I would probably also tilt a bit the camera sensor upwards so I can see less bed and more the top of the printing object.


I know that adding LED lights on the camera arm would be great, however for the current design and Delta+ (hardware), we didn’t include such feature. I’ll suggest using a USB light for now (since there’s a USB port), here’s what mine looks like:

I’ve let the hardware team know about this wish, perhaps they’ll include it in our next design (Delta 2?)


Hey proclaim, that’s great! Thanks for the feedback.


I’ve been using this one sometimes: https://www.amazon.com/Goal-Zero-14101-Stick-Light/dp/B0045XRK06 since I already had it, about $10. There are even cheaper ones on eBay/Amazon, but that one is really well made and super-bright.

Most of the time though, if I’m not at my desk I just twist the Ikea Jansjo lamp to point over at the FLUX.

I can see using the USB light more if I ever get the mobile app invite.


@proclaim Is there a way to control the USB light instead of going to the printer and unplugging the cable to turn it off?


@proclaim I have done this after seeing your USB Light. It uses 4x 5mm Leds in parallel and powered by an old Cell phone Li-ion battery with a 15ohm resistor in series to limit the current. It should last at least a few days running continuously, I did not want to tax (although not much) the Flux PS using a USB cable. It slips on the camera pod.

I just posted the design if anybody is interested… http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2054340


@jared unfortunately no, but you can use a arduino board, like D1 mini (https://www.wemos.cc/product/d1-mini.html) which cost around 3 to 5 USD, hook it up with a relay and you’re in business. I’ve installed one for my front door opener using my android phone for my apartment’s front gate. If you’re interested in the arduino code, let me know.

@mc_ott great design! are you using regular LED? if you ever need a brighter LED, try the cree LEDs. they blind your eyes!


Thanks; I am using Ultra Bright LEDs , they stay cool and have enough intensity to provide enough lighting to the subject. I tried higher power lights but I get large blooming spots from the reflections in the camera monitor. I guess because the light source is too focused and very close to the camera and in the same direction. Following monitor picture is from the present configuration.


Anybody else see this?
Any ideas?


Yep, just as I was showing someone how I could remotely monitor prints.