Flux Delta+ Shipping Cost


@wei or @proclaim: I was checking the cost of shipping to Canada of the Flux Delta+ and I have a question. How come the shipping cost ($130) is more than double USA shipping rate ($60)? I was planning to get a basic Delta+ but I changed my mind when I saw the shipping cost, is there an alternative shipping option to Canada?


I don’t know the answer, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there are VAT or import taxes at play that are different than other countries.


I would like to know why Japan is more than the U.S. these are made in Taiwan?


In general, VAT and duties are applied at the entry port and are invoiced to the purchaser by the courier company. It was the case for my Kickstarter reward.


@mc_ott I am also in Canada and I can confirm that I also payed duties through the shipping company. It was just under $100 CAD.


Demand mainly.

Depends on the shipper as well

Normally we only get DHL out of China/ HK and Taiwan. That means that outside of the major cities it is Sagawa or another company that delivers the package.