Flux delta drawing toolhead setup problems


wendsday night… 3pm… trying out the toolheads… tried the drawing toolhead… it drew a ugly circle on my metal plate so i broke out the WD-40 and got it squeaky clean… i dont understand the moving hieght though… need help!


Be careful about using oils and things like that on your build plate. You’ll want to clean it up with alcohol or something similar before trying to stick a print on it again.


no big deal for me… i use my new print mat :slight_smile:


And why wasn’t there some paper on the build plate for it to draw on?

Now, if memory serves me correct, moving height is the height that the head will raise itself to to not draw when moving, and drawing height is the height the head goes down to when drawing… so you put your pen in, measure how much is poking out, then measure the height/thickness of what you are drawing on, add to two together, and you get your drawing height.

Or you could just look at the help for the drawing toolhead :wink:


Wow, the cavalry came out on this one…

So, umm, yeah… draw on paper.

No foreign substances on build plate other than gluestick. Even if you are using the magnetic plate, oil residue could later seep up into the mag plate and could cause the surface to detach from the magnet backing. It just isn’t worth it when a piece of paper would have avoided all the trouble.

Better yet as penance, load up a Sharpie marker, get that moving height set real high, and stick your hand in there and get a cool new temporary tattoo :smile:


And show pictures… as unless we see pictures it didn’t happen! :laughing: :laughing:

But yes, draw on paper, card, timber… something other than the build plate or mat, unless for some reason that is your intended victim of some automated graffiti! :open_mouth:


thaanks! filling the… you know…


i was using paper, the reply to jim was a little of topic :wink:



Was that because you ripped the paper?