Flux branded PLA


Been waiting over a month…

10 rolls of white PLA.

I know other people on the forum have been using 3rd party PLA which will void the 90day warrantee.

I wanted to keep with the Flux branded PLA for the 90 trial/ warrantee period. But…

I have not gotten satisfaction via the help desk about this. I was told that the PLA would ship the end of last week. That would get me the PLA by this morning.

My question is: Did most users not care overly much about the 90 days and just start using 3rd party PLA immediately?

I am feeling pretty stupid at the moment about waiting on FLUX branded PLA.


I haven’t heard of a person whose claim has been denied based on the 90 days. I don’t know what the company’s original intentions were with that timeline, but I think they’re willing to be reasonable with customers who’ve proven themselves responsible, especially in cases like the pop-up laser latches where a trend is showing need for a design/part revision.

Out of all the warranty voiding things that one could do, using off brand PLA is definitely on the tame end of things :slightly_smiling: Their official policy is the law of the land though, so it’s definitely in the “enter at your own risk” category.

10 rolls in 90 days is pretty ambitious!


The point for me is that I went through the 2 the machine came with in about 2 weeks.

My one roll made 1.5 models. I do not want to run out again.

I am sure that some of my settings are using more material than needed. I kept everything at the default more or less.

Anyway all I can do is wait now.


This is really, really troubling.

This order was placed and BILLED about a month ago.
I have not received it!
I have no tracking numbers
I was told it would be shipped last week….

Order status “confirmed”

So I have had the FLUX not working for a month due to no PLA. I complained about this to the help desk and I was not given an answer, how does this effect my 90 days warrantee???

I am not allowed to use 3rd party PLA because that voids my warrantee but your own PLA has serious delays.

Where is the customer service/ satisfaction?

Kick in 2 more spools of PLA?
Give me until the end of July 2016 for the warrantee?


While encouraging (or forcing) Flux Delta buyers to use only Flux branded PLA might be smart in the short-run, it makes little sense in the long-run since flexibility in printing materials is an advantage of any printer and consumers will likely account for this when deciding which printer to purchase. It certainly didn’t work in the early days of the IBM PC and the pseudo clones of that computer (Victor, HP, etc.) that required specific versions of WordStar (sorry for dating myself) that would only work on those specific machines. They got away with it because they could, but it fortunately didn’t last too long.


I ordered 7 rolls more than two weeks ago, I too have not been happy with them not shipping, especially given the markup they likely have on the PLA. I am pretty picky with my PLA, their stuff print pretty well and I don’t mind them making a few bucks - here’s my rub - when I need PLA, I don’t need to be having delays. This is why I keep 10+ rolls of ESun PLA+ Black on hand at a time, it’s not always in stock. I’ll also say, I like not having a roll of pla sitting out on top of the machine, I like how the spool fits inside.

FYI - I have a roll of this, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U6JLBM6/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AP4AKDSS5W569 and I did a dry run and it looks like the spool fits in the machine, I have not however tried to print it.



The fact they charge the card before they send it is annoying I think.

The fact the help desk lied to me does not help.

Thanks for the link. I am not in the US so amazon.com does not always ship internationally

Having the printer but no printing materials is seriously annoying. Thinking that I have been a fool to wait for branded PLA to keep the warrantee makes me feel even more stupid.


Quoting : “FYI - I have a roll of this, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U6JLBM6/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AP4AKDSS5W5696 and I did a dry run and it looks like the spool fits in the machine, I have not however tried to print it.”

@albertzerok , that is ABS filament, it may clog the printhead!


Wrong link, I have the PLA, but it’s the same format of spool for their .5kg products which seem to fit.