Fluctuations on flat surfaces


Hi, I’m having fluctuations on flat surfaces like the attached picture, what may have cause this?


I’ve had fluctuations like that before, usually only for the first or second layer, so was most likely due to first-lay adhesion gremlins. Not sure in your case… some other regular will probably be along soon and they’ll help you out.

In the mean time, I would suggest you flip your build plate over… the grid is more for lining up the laser… so you may find out that over time you end up lifting up the black lines or scoring them off. :open_mouth:


yeah, I realized that after I started printing :frowning:


lol… Just thought I’d mention it… as I may have done the exact some thing when I stared also! After all… you sort of think that the perimeter circle is an indication of the print area, and the middle of the plate is easily identifiable… so it seems to make sense that it is that way up… not! :wink:


I find I get less of this with a faster moving print head. Obviously not so fast that there’s no adhesion, but some of it for me appears to be filament adjacent remelting and getting the print head past it faster has helped.


It seems like you have a top layer problem. What’s your infill setting? if it’s less than 20%, it should be best at 20% and above in my opinion.


my infill settings were 10%, honeycomb. But there is no infill below that layer, does it still effect?


Your print is about 3mm thickness. The printing layer is 0.2mm, so it should have an infilll underneath a top layers.