First print on Delta+


Hi everyone,

I want to introduce myself. My name is Moritz, I’m from Germany and I’m an IT student (almost done).
Today I received my Delta+ model and I want to share my experiences with you because I think I’m one of the first customers to get a Delta+.

This is my first 3D printer and I have to say I’m totally impressed. I just did the test print and it turned out pretty good although printed on medium quality and default settings.

I’m especially REALLY impressed by the magnetic build plate. I just set it up, printed on it, took it off the printer, bended it down and the print just popped up from it - completely without hassling with glue hotstick, tapes, isopropyl and all that stuff. Just nice and clean!

The initial setup was a bit messy, not all worked on the first try but with a little bit of patience it all worked out.
Unfortunately the laser, drawing and vinyl cutting heads will arrive in a few weeks, but it’s nice to check out the printing and scanning features at this time.

I’ll do my second print now and I’m super excited to finally have my Flux Delta here!



That is a fantastic first print! Have you used 3D printers before, or is this your first experience?


About 2 years ago I experimented a little with a MakerBot, and in comparison that was a total PITA. Most of the time I had calibration issues and bending issues as well as problems with removing the print from the build plate. That’s why I’m so positively surprised by the Flux.


I’m really excited to hear that they’ve shipped! Fingers crossed that the upgrade kits have as well.

Happy printing!


Fantastic job on first print, it’ll only get better. Check out the trophy room for some inspiration.


Congrats on the new printer!!! I have been very happy with the Delta printer. It has been goto printer, when I need to print something without having to have to play with settings.


Fantastic! I can happily say that after a painful breaking in period (both due to being new to 3D printing and some hardware issues) the Flux Delta is a really great printer. It actually seems to be like a fine wine… it seems to be getting better with age! :wink:

I also have a Kodama Trinus (another kickstarter), which I really like because of it’s all-metal construction and lead-screw design… but it has needed quite a bit of TLC in getting it started up… and funnily enough, I had the Flux print most of the 3D parts and accessories for it whilst getting it set up… whereas the Flux was able to print it’s own parts! :smiley:

The magnetic build plate sounds fantastic… I’ll be looking forward to that when the upgrade kit arrives… it sounds like it will be much easier than the glue sticks. The Trinus came with customised buildtak sheets… and I really like those also… no glue, nothing… just have to make sure the head is calibrated at the right hight, and the print just sticks itself to the print bed.