Filament Supples


I found the web page alluding to filament supplies but the links just seem to go in a circle.
Then I noticed some posting on the forum relating to store front being “built” maybe.

I need to get more filament so where can I purchase any?
Could I just get filament from any supplier, say Maplin?


Thats the link for the fillament from flux:

I bought some pla filament from conrad electronics, a swiss electronic shop. It works without any problems. So i think it doesnt matter if you buy it from an other reseller. Just keep in mind that for example gold filament needs an other nozzle. And you have to take filament with the right diameter(1.75mm).


FLUX Store Filament page

You may need to flush browser cache? Or just try reloading page? Here’s the link to the store, it just opened a couple days ago, and filament is on sale right now too.

You can get filament from third-party suppliers although FLUX recommends that you only use official filament and it could possibly cause issues with warranty.

If you are going to use what are commonly known as more abrasive filaments like metal-fills or wood-fills, and plan to start changing nozzles, just keep warranty considerations in mind too. Those filaments do wear out nozzles, though it is quite easy to change if done properly.

Not trying to discourage, just want you to be aware of what you’re getting into. As far as I know, FLUX has never said anything about third-party filaments other than that recommendation way back at the beginning. They’ve even participated in the discussions here, and heck, they’ve improved the extruder so we can use flexible filament which they don’t have, so…

As far as nozzles, you can go as high as you want (Ruby anyone?) but for the price of those hardened, steel, tungsten, ruby etc. nozzles you can buy dozens if not hundreds of regular nozzles. I have used .3 regularly and gone down to .2 nozzles as well. It prints like a dream with those too, but print time is tremendously slow.

Several threads about this if you search, and lots of supplier links have been posted if you are looking for someone local you might find one too.


Thanks both for the replies.

Booz, I forgot about the cache. Not planning anything spectacular just need some bog standard filament.
TKC, I’ll give the link a go.