Extruder Motor broken?


Well my extruder motor is not turning (at all)… any ideas on how I can check if the motor is broken or if it is something else?



I think the motor breaks in rare cases. A month ago the motor controller on my printer was broken. So I had to replace the IC. As you can see on the picture, a part of the IC was burnt out.

When you open the top of your printer there is a small PCB with some connectors and the motor controller. Take a look if you can see anything that looks broken. If your motor controller IC looks like mine, send a message to flux. They can send you a new PCP or repair your old one. If you have some soldering skills, you can replace the IC by yourself. But first, look if it’s really the same issue I had.


do you have a DSLR? that photo looks awesome!


Thanks for the help I had not noticed that.

Not as nice as your picture but the same problem.

I will contact the Flux team then.


@aw1 Yes, the photo was shot on my Nikon D800 with a 60mm macro lens.

@Tiwaz No Problem. Good that you found the problem. I recommend to also check the main PCB in the bottom of the Flux. I had to replace the main PCB because a motor controller and the microcontroller was broken.


Ok I will have a look later. Is it fairly obvious if the bottom card is broken?

No chips with “holes” on that one as far as I can see…

I suppose you meant this card.


Yes, I meant this PCB. In my case, one of the three motors was not working. Also, the microcontroller (Atmel ATSAM3X8E) gets very hot after some seconds. If you plug in your printer and the homing of all 3 axis work, everything is ok with your PCB.


Yes I think it should be as it homes and the other motors seem to work fine.


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hehe no got to run for work soon… trying to fill out the support ticket before I go.


oh nice, hope your printer is back up and running, gotta go back to c# and Unity!


thanks. good luck with that :wink:


The PCB board in the bottom of the Flux controls the stepper motors for each of the three carriages. One of my carriages stopped moving and I had to open a trouble ticket.
One of the reasons why it stopped working, as the Flux help center told me, was: If the carriage is moved with a strong force, then the stepper motor becomes a generator and produced a high voltage to the board, and therefore burns out the circuitry.
The maintenance operations tip for lubrication, doesn’t state that you should gently move the carriages up and down to spread the lubrication. WARNING…when spreading the lubrication, gently and with slow movements move the carriages up and down. Otherwise, you too might be sending your board back and spending some money when you could have avoided it (take it from me :wink:).