Enhancement request


A nice option to add to the Flux software

  1. Click center to center an object
  2. If you have multiple objects - Auto placement for best print option
  3. Print Log - hour meter


I like all three! But I would move the Print Log/Hour Meter to the top of the list #1 Priority. (After fixing that waiting for the progress bar bug)

Click to center should not be too difficult to implement, It’s in the slicer software already.

Auto placement / Autofit could get a bit tricky as some sort of algorithm or AI would have to come into play but it would still be a very cool feature to have.


I have been asking for the print log for the longest time. It will be like in simplify3d, you can see the hours printed, the jobs, etc.


Yes indeed, move to the top of the queue! As I’m sure someone has mentioned (surely not @pmbroth? :stuck_out_tongue: ) the print log would help with maintenance as well as statistics gathering. Knowing when the 100 or 50 hour mark for oiling, etc would be nice! :wink: