Email "To FLUX Delta Users - Product Improvement and Upgrade Kit"


Perfect! Just about time … where to buy? When available?


Did you receive the email about this?

If not, basically you have to create a “FLUX ID” on their new website.

Backers from the first round can enter the email from their original order and apply that purchase to their account.

This should enable an “upgrade kits” option where you can check the status of your “3 challenges” and finish applying for the upgrade kit.



I just completed all 3 steps of the process.

I did not get an email so I appreciate you giving instructions on here

What’s in the upgrade kit
(1) Extruder Kit (2) camera kit (3) All new magnetic print plate (4) Metal printer head base (5) FLUX Delta USB cable (6) Needle for nozzle cleaning (7) Oil absorbing foam on magnetic ball joints (8) Scanner laser poles upgrade (9) Module cable connector holder

So the new extruder should both speed up the printing and help with the warping? Or did I understand that incorrectly

the magnetic print plate seems a great thing

The needle for nozzle cleaning is a great thing I got one last summer sometime.

That foam for the ball joints sounds really cool…
What is the cable connector holder?

How can I get the new printer head though??? Can the old head handle the output from the new extruder???


You did read it correctly, “extruding force has been increased 50% over the original version, which means faster printing speed. The filament feeding path has been upgraded to support elastic materials. The position which holds the tube connector has been refined to enhance usability.”

The cable connector holder is a FLUX approved version of the printed stick on version that many of us printed to prevent the USB cable from pulling out of the toolhead and/or the top side. Basically they made sure it fit uniformly.

You’ll get metal plate for your existing print head in the kit, and you will be able to order a new head in the online store if you want another.

The old head should be fine with the new upgraded extruder, I cannot imagine they would ship that without testing it.


So I saw that the Extruder Kit shipped with the recent Upgrade Kits mentioned “supports elastic materials”… does that mean we can now print with flexible filament? I tried a search and couldn’t find anything specific about this updated. Thanks


I’m pretty sure that’s the idea… the feeder gear is now one of those crosscut type so it should be more ‘grabby’ of flexible filaments, and the feed path is supposed to be more flexible friendly. I think a couple of guys on the forum have been playing with flexible stuff before the upgrade, so hopefully they’ll chirp in with their thoughts.


That IS what the design is about. The gear has been redesigned as @pfeerick mentioned and the feed going in and out is more supported which is what bowden extruders need to be able to handle flexible filaments. Between that, and slowing down print speed and pretty much turning retraction settings OFF and FLUX should be able to handle it fine. Others have done it even without the upgrade before, but it was not easy. This should make it much more user-friendly.

I’m going to be on it very soon, my setback is getting my hands on some TPU/TPE here, it’s just not as common as US/EU, so I’m sure someone else will beat me to it, but I will get to it very soon.

I’ve got requests for iPhone bumper cases so that’s what I’ll be printing as soon as I can get some Flex.