Differences Flux Delta - Flux Delta with Upgrade Kit and Flux Delta+?



As I am one of the Kickstarter Backers I am really interessted what the differences are - I am not able to understand this out of the nice marketing informations on your webpage.

I have read somwhere that the original Flux with the Upgrade Kit will still not 100% match the Flux Delta+ and the Upgrade Kit is at 150 USD + shipping.

Dear Flux team, could you please share a table with at least the main differences (with all would be much better) - this will help a lot.

If anyone in this Forum does have validatet informations about I am happy if you could share as well.

Many thanks in advance


  1. The upgrade kits are free itself if you finished three quests in FLUX ID system. One of the quests is just reading a blog post about the FLUX Delta, which is the one you probably read.

  2. The main differences from Delta+ are upgrade driver cores: "Industrial-leveled linear bearings with hard-chrome-plated and heat-hardened metal rods for increased durability. ". To replace it would require technical backgrounds, so the upgrade is not contained in the kits. Other differences are new coating, strengthened wifi and reliability improvements.

p.s. Original FLUX Delta users will have $100 off discount for the new Delta+ ( tips: you can even save another $100 to have the basic package, since the original laser toolhead is compatible with Delta+, and the vinyl cutter will cost around 50 )


Hey @Simon will you sell, or tell us where to source these upgraded bearings from? There are more than a few of us who would love to do the upgrade, even if it is more involved.


I second Jim’s question. Once my Delta is out of warranty, then I will not be fearful in carefully getting involved with improving it with the linear bearings.


@Simon, I would be very interested in the upgraded bearings and rods also.


+1 for me too. :slight_smile:


@Simon, me as well :+1:


What’s a nozzle spec 0.2mm for Flux print head? Or when do you open Flux store to sell the accessories for Flux printer? Many thanks.


@Simon, +1 for me as well. I’d like to upgrade my bearings and/or rods to get the accuracy I need to print some robotics parts that need more accuracy than my FLUX Delta is currently capable of. I think most (if not all) of us here have the capability and technical skill to accomplish the upgrade task. I’d certainly like to make printed and drawn circles to look better than this:


Not to hijack the conversation or to get off topic, but your skirt and brim look amazingly smooth and circular compared to the printed part… Have you looked into how detailed the files are or how many facets you’re actually exporting? Just a guess.


At first glance they do look really nice. However, they are slightly misshapen, it’s just harder to notice. Ultimately, the rocking, twisting, and rotating motions of the three carriages on the vertical guide rods (due to poor fitting bearings) cause slight positional inaccuracies in all three axes. The print head doesn’t move in a flat enough plane (varying by more than .1mm in my tests) and the actual height varies differently as the head is moving around. Gradual height changes for circular movements and possible sudden height changes for back and forth movements. The gradual height change can be seen in the skirt on the left side where the head is too low and squishing the plastic to the point you can start to see the blue tape color showing through. And in the drawn circles using a fine tip sharpie marker where the lines gradually get fatter as the head gradually lowers, as can be seen at the top and bottom of the set of circles on the right. The base layers of the printed circle test object has nasty ridges (hard to see from the top of the print) at least partly due to the print head changing height suddenly on the 180 degree direction changes while printing the infill where the print head is high in one direction and low in the other. I have printed the same stl files (that are problematic on my FLUX Delta) on my Cobblebot cartesian style printer (sliced with Slic3r on both machines) with much better results, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the file or the slicing.


An advanced upgrade kit would be a nice option. Increasing precision and stability in the carriages would be a nice upgrade.



Yes, yes there are quite a few of us.

LOL, @Simon it must feel nice to have so many dedicated users who want to make their machines the best they possibly can be.


I would like an advanced upgrade kit as well. We will eventually have to deal with replacing the linear bearings (and other parts) from wear and tear. I am hoping that Flux will put together a comprehensive maintenance manual.

Those of us who cannot afford a new Delta + would very much appreciate being able to purchase these parts.


I would also be interested in the “Advance Kit”!


I would be interested in an advance upgrade kit, new print head, and an additional metal plate for the other extruder I purchased.


However they need to setup their online store, so we can purchase all the accessories and spare parts or warranty for Flux printer. It’s another source or revenue that they should consider.


Count me in for an advanced upgrade kit too, it wasn’t that long ago that I bought my flux delta unit before the + versions were announced, improved and cheaper than what I paid for the original. But I digress, I just want to be able to make the most of my machine and for it to last as long as possible. With what you are all saying about the bearings wearing out etc we definitely need options to repair and refine.

As long as they are detailed guides up, I don’t see that much of an issue in regards to performing the upgrade (the main advantages of the flux delta’s are their modular component and configuration, right?) I like this machine a lot but there has so many problems/flaws that make it a far cry to what has been demonstrated on your marketing and main website page, with some of it recently being acknowleged by the likes of maker’s muse (part of 3d printing nerd’s group on youtube) in q&a’s.

Apologies for dragging on here, I believe being close knit with this community like this with be a huge boon for you in the longrun, so please consider it. Love and respect :heart:


Just one correction, Angus Deveson, from Makers Muse is his own person/channel/entity.
Joel Telling, from 3D Printing Nerd, is another.
They are friends and often refer to each other, but Angus is not part of Joel’s ‘group’, as there is no such group. Both are quite entertaining and informative, along with Tom Sanladerer too.

You are correct in everything else, though, there is still some marketing of the FLUX going on that shows some things that the machine sitting in front of me just is not capable of. Like scanning, with any chance of producing anything other than a Blob.

To give the benefit of the doubt, at this point it is better to wait and see what the upgrade kit can actually deliver.

FLUX does have the unique honor of being one of the few 3D Printer Kickstarters that ACTUALLY delivered a printer, and is still working hard and supporting us. I give them a LOT of credit for that, especially in light of several recent high profile failures that to me seem to veer into criminal negligence.

That does not mean that we don’t eventually expect it to do what it is supposed to do, and what was promised. A lot of progress has been made from when the Delta first shipped though, first software, and now hardware. So I think we will get there. Someday, I will be able to scan a small object, switch configurations to laser engrave my sandwich, and then eat it, while printing the object I just scanned. :smile:


+1 I’m also up for an advanced upgrade option!