Did someone try the Zebra Plate Bed?


I was looking around for something alternative to the glue stick. I found the Zebra Plate (http://www.printinz.com/zebra-plate/) and it looks really nice on the videos. Did someone try this one out with fluxdelta?


I have Zebra Plates on two of my other printers, but not on my Flux delta. They work pretty well. Thick…maybe too thick…and I wonder if they would work with the bed level system. You might have to have them cut you a custom piece with the dimensions of the Flux delta bed for use as a replacement. It might be more interesting to see if their more recent Zebra Skin would work, as that product was designed to adhere to an existing print bed.


I have zebra skin on my flux printer, I mailed the to printinz to ask recommendations of sizes and the founder itself answer me and recommend me to buy the skin instead of the plate because I can’t fix the plate with clips like in others delta printers, so I took his recommendation and bought the skin.

So I installed my skin on the backside of the metal but first I installed a layer of blue painter tape, like he told me in a instructional video that he send me. One cons about the skin is that I can’t bend it to get the print out, because is glue to the metal plate and I don’t want to deform the metal plate. But to be fair I haven’t have the need to do that.

I’m having great results for small surface prints but on large prints surface the print tends to warp on the edges, so on these prints I put hair spry or blue tape to have more adherence on the skin.

PD. I bought the 220mm on diameter, here is a picture of my printer with the zebra skin installed on the flux


I find that I still have to heat the bed for larger prints… just 20-30 degrees less.


Thanks all. I have problems taking bigger prints away from the base plates. Thats why i was looking for an adhesiv plate, where i can take the prints easy away. Do you have any other idea?


I’m finding that the key to using all of these different build plates is to fine tune the first layer with each one. Some require more ‘squish’ than others. For example, I just installed BuildTak on my FLUX delta today and spent about an hour adjusting parameters in FLUX Studio in order to hit the ‘sweet spot’ for the first layer. I would start a print and let it go for about a dozen layers before halting it and checking how well it was sticking. Then I’d tweak the expert parameters some more. Parameters like initial layer height… initial width… z-offset… When you get it right, your parts don’t lift/curl and they can be removed without too much effort or damage to the surface material.


the other thing is that you could build some custom holders for the zebra plate like other did for the fleks.



Did you have to change in setting after installing the skin? Thank you.


I did not change anything on my settings


Thank you. I will order mine and hope for a better stick for my models :slight_smile:


Just a note I use simplify3d to generate the gcode for my 3d prints, so I haven’t test with the default slicer on flux studio.
But I didn’t change the settings on simplify3d for the zebra skin because it does the calibration before each print.