Detailed Invoice + EU Declaration of Conformity


My Flux printer is stuck at customs. They are asking me for a detailed invoice and EU Declaration of Conformity (2006/95/CE and 2011/65/CE).

I’ve tried to contact Flux Staff through zendesk and email but I didn’t get any response.

Does anyone know how to get those documents? Especially the EU Declaration of Conformity?

Thanks in advanced



Should that documentation not be part of the shipping requirement? DHL should have requested it I would have thought?


That’s what makes sense.
But I guess that’s not the case.


I am in the EU, passed through customs without an issue. Tax and duty was not to bad either… 106€


Took DHL 4 days to deliver it right to my door step (Germany).
125€ and no problems of any kind.


I’m from Portugal and they’re saying that without EU Declaration of Conformity they will not liberate the package. They need the CE marking.
Does anyone have EU Declaration of Conformity in the documents supplied with the 3dprinter?
If there is, can anyone send me a copy?