Cura 2.4.0 problems


I am trying to use cura 2.4.0 as an external slicer. I am now stuck at the very beginning as i want to input the flux delta settings (see picture). I got the build plate settings but does anybody know what i have to change on the other settings? I am really lost on this point…

We need help! CURA

oops, I had the exact same problem!


Can anyone help us? I am shure there are more people with this problem.


ill make a post telling people to check this post!


I think i got it. Found the start and end gcode in the flux studio expert settings. the printhead settings and gantry hight are just if you want to print multiple files at the same time. i did not figure them out but as long as i am only printing one file at a time thats no problem.

What's new in flux studio 0.8.0?

nice finally a reply from a person who needed help. thanks but… does nobody use cura?


Nope… only through flux studio. I also have Simplify3D now, and am starting to find my way around it, but it has a profile built in for the Flux Delta, plus Luan (GoldenSnake) has a tweaked? one knocking around on the forum.