Connection is not secure


Login does not use **https://**protocal. Maybe this needs to be fixed. . . . ??


I don’t think you have sensible information on your forum account. Don’t use the same password as you do on another website and you should be able to live with http :stuck_out_tongue: The only way your password gets compromised because of this is if somebody snitches in your network which is mostly a risk with public networks.


I’m not sure what that means but I use randomly generated (14 digits minimum) passwords for websites that require a login; no duplicates.

So, this:

versus this:

doesn’t matter much if your NOT using a public network/WiFi hotspot? Really? :space_invader:


*sensitive information :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, public networks are more at risk… but there is then the question of how well do you trust your ISP/internet provider (if you’re in the US, the answer had better be not bloody much after the FCC internet privacy rules were repealed)… so in other words, insecure connections are a real and growing concern.


Not a good outcome… . that’s for sure.


Actual LOL :laughing: I nearly spit my coffee out. You should check out UK laws sometime, or what many MENA countries already have.

Reality: US is just doing what every other government (including US) has already been doing, they just want to make it appear more legal to put their hand in the cookie jar when they get caught.

Here in Thailand, our Junta is actively working on installation of a ‘Single Gateway’ system. The fact that they cannot find or produce a single credible Network Engineer to state that this is a good idea, is a bit concerning… I do not think I am allowed to say it is a bad idea, so I won’t say it is a bad idea, because I am certain my ISP and the Junta Gov’t here monitor or try to monitor everything as well and they would not want me to say it is a bad idea. In fact, if it came from the Junta Govt it must be a great idea! :wink: