Cleaning the printing mat?


how do i clean the printing mat? i have a failed print which is too thin to get off :frowning:


not sure, I have not found a “good” way yet.

On the flux it is not that bad as I print on a glas plate but I did have the same issue on another printer. Trying to scrape it of does not work great and damages the surface sometimes. Then again if it gets to bad I might try some fine gritt sandpaper.


My suggestion, I don’t have Buildtak and no experience with Flux soft plate but if I were you, if the failed print is very thin, like about 1 or 2 layers thick, I would not clean it. The next print you make, slow down your print speed and try a simple geometry like a square. It should stick on it and hopefully they both will come off. I did that on occasion on PEI type surfaces. Again this is just a suggestion only!


yes, i have already printed more stuff and its starting to go away now, thanks!