Change filament without Studio?


My computer and printer are somewhat far apart and can’t be moved closer together. Is there any way to make the printer enter filament loading mode using just the LED button on the printer itself? I have no problems unloading filament, but getting new stuff in is such a hassle that I tend to not change rolls until one runs out.


Not that I know of. I just load filament manually anyway, to ensure that there is no jams at where the two quick-fit connectors are… hold the feeder clamp lever down, insert the filament all the way down to the head, and it’s done. If you do it right, you could probably get away without even heating the head up, as the 3/4 priming circle should push enough filament through to finish the process. I used to just trigger the delta to do it’s filament load after poking the filament past the quick-fit connector on the print head, so it only has to move that last inch or two, but probably won’t bother now due to that priming circle.


You could probably write a GCode script and run it from the SD card. I haven’t tried it though.


my printer couldn’t unload and load due to faulty filament!.. so i had to do it manually loading: sharpen the tip and push it in, it will make it way through the pipe to the toolhead. unloading: just pull it out!.. thats it!

hope this helpls!