Can not connect to Flux After Upgraded, Up firmware and Reset


I received a upgrade kit ,update a firmware(1.6.56) and Flux Studio(0.8).
I reset my Flux to factory setting.

After that I can not connect to my Flux(Wifi or New USB Cable from Flux).

Please Help.

Ps; I already try @Proclaim setup

  1. close FS and unplug USB
  2. start FS
  3. plug in USB when screen is ready

It’s not working.


check this out: i helped someone else: First time wifi setup
after that check this: Cannot Setup Via Wifi


we’ve discovered some problem with the USB cable connection (not the mini-usb, older version). The fix will be released on 0.8.1


Got a solution:
Downgrade a Firmware to 1.6.40 and connect to Flux via wifi with “flux-delta” as a password.

now It’s all working.