Can I use fluxclient/flux_robot to automate uploads and convert g to f code?


This is probably a question for @proclaim, but might also be of interest to some others.

So, in looking at the state of the Flux SDK, I realised that you can

a) get a gcode file (say made with Simplify3D or some other slicer)
b) convert it to fcode (flux_g2f)
c) find your flux on the network (flux_discover)
d) talk to it (flux_robot)
e) configure it (flux_upnp)
f) get pics from it (flux_camera)

Now, am correct in thinking after reading the docs about flux_robot that I can make a simple python script centered around flux_robot which will connect to my flux, upload the file I pass to the script to the delta, and start a print? Just wondering… as it means it would be possible to then basically have a command line script to automate stuff.

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If the answer to this is even a sort of yes, then you could be on track to be able to connect flux to an OctoPrint server.

That would bypass that whole other issue of the broken IFTTT input string, resolve some app connection issues, etc.

Then FLUX could also be online and accessible from the internet along with your other printers for remote starting, monitoring, and all the other OctoPrint goodness.

If this eventually results in FLUX Delta helping SkyNet to become sentient and replicate, I’m still blaming you.


thanks @BoozeKashi for answering. Yes, you can do this through FLUX API so you’ll be in full control :wink: ( now that our secret with SkyNet is exposed, I’ll have to delete your account )

however, we might be discussing something much easy to print gcode without FLUX Studio. We have some idea and will discuss it at our next meeting.


Hm… that’s what I thought… from looking at the two github repos… it looked like fluxclient was the backend by which flux studio controlled the Delta, hence, if you wanted to do away with flux studio for something, you could. Nice!

No worries… It sounds like you guys are working on something, but it’s good to know that we can bolt stuff together with the tools you provided back at launch and have been keeping up to date! :wink:


since our repo are open sourced, you guys feel free to do any pull request, or even check to see if we’re slacking off :wink:


^^ @proclaim : Absolutely priceless! :laughing: :laughing: ^^


hi, proclaim, flux is the ultimate makerarm, just not there yet, we need more TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLHEADS, we need as many tool heads as there are as many O’s in this sentence. the wrath of makersMuse is upon us!


yea, I saw that review and was unfortunate. I believe we have much better advantages than other products because we’re not just a 3D printing machine.

If you wish to start developing your own toolhead, you can start with flux-client, which is a backend service that control FLUX machine, here’s a link to it:


i know, i get heaps better print quality than what he had in the video, my recent prints have some serious shine on them without postprocessing!