Calibration problems!


the flux delta+ calibrates nicely but sometimes it does it wrong, it prints the plastic in air, it’s been doing this since the beginning but it only happened 3 times. I received my new print mat so I set my z offset back to 0.

EDIT: i think this is a bug, my z offset went back to 0.6 after i set it to 0


If you go to Advanced Settings, and then to the Expert tab, at the top right you can click on Reset Config. That will restore everything to default settings.

If it somehow changes back to .6 after that then you have found a bug, otherwise maybe just a bad save.


yup, I did the reset config thing already, still changes back to 0.6 sometimes, happens really rarely, and I never had my offset at 0.6 so it probably won’t be a bad save


Yeah, that’s a pretty high offset. Are you stuffing pillows under the build plate?

Keep an eye on that one, see if it comes around again with 0.8.1 update.


I already have 0.8.1 it happened in 0.8.1, happened in older versions too, and no there are no pillows under it…


I caught it not saving settings last night on 0.8.1 as well.

The trick is you have to overwrite and retype the whole entry and it will force a save.

For example, if it had 0.2, and you wanted to change to 0.1 and just backspaced out the 2 and typed the 1 it may not save. But if you delete and retype it, then it will save. Not sure if that is a full bug or just a quirk. Maybe a small bug?

The way I noticed it was when I clicked Apply, there was no re-slicing progress bar on the lower left, so I know it did not see any change. I went back in and sure enough, the change I just made wasn’t there. So overtyped it and clicked Apply. Boom, it re-sliced.