Calibration issue - strange problem


Hello Everyone.

I have been using the printer with no issues until the last week or so. I’m very maintenance geared, so I do the re-greasing of all joints and poles every 30 hours.

This is what is happening:

During calibration, after the three main corners are completed, and it has to move to the center to do a center calibration, the whole head jerks to the right approximately half way in the same directions all the time. (Looking at the front of the machine always to the right) It then will do the center calibration there, and fail.

I have reseated all poles, Reflashed the firmware, just in case… I can do the movement test no issues.
What I have found, this only occurs when first turning on the machine, and I try to print for at least 3 - 4 times it has this issue. Then the problem goes away and it prints fine and calibrated fine. Also if I do the calibration via the menu, it does the samething for 3 -4 times.

The machine has been in the same room, and location for over a year, and no issues.

The belts seem fine, and like I said, after the 3-4 times of trying to calibrate, it will then calibrate fine and print no issues.

Any Ideas?
The only thing I have not tried is going back to 9.0 software.

Thank you



Hi Brian,

This machine seems a little untamed… does your machine complete the movement test ok? also I think there is a separate home calibration too. No doubt you have tried this. when the machine is off do the individual linear motors slide as free as each other? it could literally be a tiny bit of slack that is causing the problem.



Yes, my machine completes the movement test perfect everytime. If I turn the machine off the individual supports move without a problem. The only time there is an issue is when first starting up for the first 3 -4 calibration attempts. After that it prints and works fine, even consecutive prints no issue. The belt tension sems equal all around as well.