Calibration failing


My Flux keeps failing calibration.

95% of the time, it attempts 5 cycles, gives up, and gives the “clean obstructions” message. The rare occasion where it seems to succeed, the print usually still fails because the calibration seems a little off. The nozzle regularly gently scrapes the bed at around the 7 o’clock and 1 o’clock positions (regardless of bed orientation), blocking extrusion, and preventing proper adhesion of the first layer.

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. cleaning the bed and nozzle, even calibrating with no glue on the bed
  2. manually retracting the filament about 2 cm to ensure no oozing and thoroughly cleaning the nozzle
  3. every orientation of the bed and tool head
  4. testing the bed’s flatness by checking if it rocks when placed on a flat (polished granite) surface
  5. adding a glass mirror which should be perfectly flat
  6. delta firmware versions 1.3.b8, 1.3.b2, and 1.1.7

I’m out of ideas. Anyone have any suggestions?


This might be your problem as same as mine previously, that was failed on calibration all the times. The correct nozzle position

And bad one like mine

If that’s a case, you submit a ticket and get a replacement.



I’ve been having failed calibration also. However, I’ve found that for me it’s got to be my table where my FLUX is on. I suspect it’s not evenly flat. So as a quick fix I noticed if I raise parts of the build plate slightly, I can make a successful calibration. A small paperclip at one corner, another at a different corner and it seems to work every time.


There is link for the same topic Error "Unable to calibrate base plate"