Calibration error all the time


I am using Flux 3D printing part, and since I started to use, only few times I was successful.
Now when I start printing, all the time calibration error I am encountering. (To remove the leftover)
I removed the leftover from the nozzle and I cleaned it several times.
But I am getting this error continuously.
I have updated all software but same problem.
Please help me.

Ken Yoo


How do you position of a bed plate? A hole on the plate should be aligned on a hole on the bed chassis.


Yes, the hole of the plate just aligned with the hole on the chassis.
When I start the printing, the head is coming down to the bed and touch several points and
go up showing error message. I cleaned up the bed clearly and made the bed flat and clear the nozzle end, but got calibration fail all the time.
Before in the beginning, when I tried printing first time, it was sometimes OK except ‘tilting’ error, which I do not understand why…

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Does one of the calibration points behave differently than the others? If one of your FSRs isn’t just right, it would tend to tap the head into the bed like it wasn’t there at one of the points.

There’s a video of this somewhere… I’ll go digging.

**edit Check out this thread. Error "Unable to calibrate base plate"


Dear Sir,

Still I have same problem.
I saw your thread and I repeated the printing job but also calibration failed.
The head is trying to sound two points, left and right, no rear side and goes high up saying “#123 error Unable … remove…”.
I checked below of the bed and there are two Sensors. Strange for me is the height of the two sensors are the same level of the ground. So even the head is knocking the bed, I do not feel the bed is giving feedback to the head. I touched the bed when it is knocked but cannot feel and switching action.
Should I replace the sensors or any other way to check more/
Please help me.

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This is interesting that you talked about there are two sensors - there should be three, it’s probably a manufacturing failure in this case.
Can you take a photo of what’s under the bed?

In addition, kindly test if your plate is rocky on the ground:


I suspect @Ken_Yoo is referring to the popup laser modules as the sensors rather than the three rubber pads in the “corners”. I could see how this could be mistaken. I would think it would be very obvious if there were only 2 rubber sensor covers as the plate would not sit level at all. I mean, it could happen, but I kind of doubt that it only has 2.


I get calibration error every single time, I get around it after the first failure by looking at each of the “elevators” and one is typically lower than the other ones by almost an inch. You push that lower one up slowly until you hear one click, then “retry” the calibration. Dont push it all the way to the top.


I have not been able to print for months. the alignment now just sends the print head smashing down into the plate. Something is wrong.


Have you opened a support ticket?


Also make sure your Delta and toolhead firmware are all up to date. I used to have this problem, but with the newer firmware, it has been addressed.