Bug report - Version 0.4.1


Dashboard shows Camera OK but cannot turn-off Camera after starting it. One has to quit Dashboard and start it again to go to initial progress state.


I can confirm this issue


Having problems connecting via hidden SSID. used usb cable and then put in SSID, password, and security type - clicked the ‘CONFIRM’ button and nothing. Just sits there. Will be opening a ticket tomorrow. No time now.



When laser engraving, after hitting start button it seems to be processing image and generating fcode, but the dashboard does not come up. After several attempts, it came up twice, but both times start and pause buttons were missing. When it does pop-up, I see a camera button, but that’s it.

UPDATE: Downgraded back to 0.3.19 and all seems to be functioning except I get a LOT of tilt head errors when no tilt has happened.


will look into this, thanks for the report!