Black resodue on rods



After I used my flux for some time some kind of black resodue is created on the metallic/chrome ends of the rods.

I think I used enough lubricant (thin film all around the end of the rod) but after some use I see a mixture of black resodue in the lubricants. I usually clean the rods and apply new lubricant but after a short amount of time the black resodue is back.

Is this normal ? - I hope nothing gets rubbed of the rods.

Or is the just the lubricat which gets black while in use (heat-friction …)


I guess it’s normal for metal rubbing parts. Think of car engines or bicycle bearings. The lubricant is actually doing its work picking up dust and possibly metal so it turns black.

Just keep them clean and lubed and you are good to go!


it’s just the lubricant that becomes black, mine looks the same. just remember to clean and lubricate around every 30 printing hours as simon have said.


Hi Guys,

Please see my response in the following thread which may provide additional information: Something wrong with first layer!

Yes, I totally agree that the darkening of the lubricant is from the “Mechanical wear” of the two metals (Magnetic Receptacle and Tie Rod Ball End).

My concern, is that on typical treatment of properly chromed material, such rapid oxidization and wear would not take place or would take a lot long to get to that point, especially if well lubricated… Just think of an hydraulic ram for instance or similar apparatus which are typically under a lot more load and stress than our printers.

In my personal opinion, I believe this is a quality issue with the process used to chrome the Ball End which will also show accelerated wear of the balls after about 50hrs or so of use. This is not normal and concerning from a mechanical design point of view and machine performance and reliability. I have also contacted Flux for spares Tie Rod Kit, until the Chroming manufacturing process and design is re-assessed and hopefully resolved.

Please check your Ball Ends and advise how they are wearing and estimated hrs in services… Thanks.



I was pretty lucky to get my printer way back in February. I’ve got literally hundreds (300+ easily, I’d guess) of hours printing on my machine. I’ve regularly lubricated the rod-ends at around the 30 hour mark as suggested. I have very minimal swirling on the ends, but nothing even remotely concerning as far as wear. I don’t think this is a problem as long as you take care of your maintenance.


I have to do it about every 15 hours or else the next print will fail.


that sounds serious!? i forgot to lubricate for the first few prints because i wasn’t on this forum at that time and the none of the prints failed. Then i lubricated the rods and everything only got better. i now lubricate every 30-40 hours as Amnate does.


This morning another print failed.

I took all the rods off, cleaned and re- lubed them and I am good again. I have switched this time to a “better” lube to see if that helps. Some others have suggested silicone based lube.


i just use the lube that was in small cannister that came along with the flux. but i think i saw on another thread that some of those who had gotten the lube in a tube (like toothpaste) wasn’t that good quality.


I switched to a silicone based lube I got at the home store here. I just actually choose the most expensive one. It is working much better. I am 22 hours through a 24 hour print at the moment. It has failed in a few places due to lack of supports but that is my fault and not the machine.


yup, its the lubricant