Binding to cloud success or failure in the last week 12th October or nearabouts


Can anyone who has successfully completed the bind machine process state what software version you are using and also the firmware.

I am currently trying to use an android phone.

also any frame rate adjustment that allows the camera to continue working would be great too.


Store, Cloud and Forums have been having intermittent problems. Though everything is working at this exact moment for me (not sure how long for), they’ve been flakey the last month or so.

If you are having issues getting the machine to bind properly in the Flux application just keep trying, it can take a couple tries clicking the button at the right exact moment near as I’ve been able to tell.

If the cloud connection gets interrupted the machine can be bound but the app won’t see it because it’s just not connecting properly.

I’m using Flux Studio 9.0 (Stable for Windows x64) and the Android App on Nougat 7.1. Can’t check the firmware at the moment - at work, printer is at home.

To give you an example of what I mean by flakey - I started a print last night and the app was able to see the print fine so I went and watched some tv and fell asleep, but it lost it before the print finished so I didn’t get a notification at 1am when it completed and when I started a print this morning it couldn’t find the print to monitor on the camera from my phone but it found it mid print so I did get a notification when it finished and I can now see the camera just fine from work (no print happening at the moment though, I didn’t have time to start a new one before I left).

It’s all dependent on how stable the cloud connection is at the moment. So just keep trying.

Both the store and cloud appear to be up right now for me.


Hi Dawnhawk,

Your Flakey description is almost exactly the same thing that happened to mine.

Got loads of nozzles on order now as I have 15 new exotic materials to qualify using on the printer…

one in particular is the fomm by kai

have a great weekend



Ooo be sure to let us know how they work out.



I will indeed :slight_smile: Have a great weekend and happy printing (hopefully)