BEAMBOX arrived - First reactions


Beambox finally arrived this morning. It was about a month past when they last told me it would ship.

I am in Japan. I will have to pay 13,980JPY in taxes and duties for the Beambox Pro

  • the box is massive! It is about 110cm by 80cm and 30 or 40 cm high. Also it is 60 kilos.

  • It is a 2 person job to get it on a hard flat surface.

  • It is a good idea to have access (like be able to stand behind the thing) to the back of the machine

THE instructions are hidden away inside the box. The same issue we had with the FLUX Delta… No instructions!!! Again!!!

There is a site and some tiny videos. There should be a huge paper in the box saying to watch the videos and read the site first.

  • must fill water tank! Why does the laser have a water tank and why should I know? Also why is it in the most annoying space to access it?

  • must peel the protective paper off the acrylic for the window of the machine. In the video it is clear plastic film, for my machine it was paper. Not the good kind of paper. I was not able to remove it from one whole side. So no clear window for me.

  • connected the Beambox to the wifi in my office. Seemed to work easily. However does it actually loose the password every time I shut it off? That will get annoying quickly. Considering the number of fans and the noise, it is not something I will leave on when not using it.

  • was able to use the flux studio software to connect to the Beambox (mac OS 10.14.1, flux v 1.2.4)

  • now I am waiting for the new version of the firmware (1.8.3) to update it has been stuck at 86.11% for over 5 minutes now…. Did I just brick the machine? We had this issue with the Flux Deltas too…



I called Flux and actually talked to a person.

Apparently the firmware update issue is a known issue in Taiwan.

I am waiting on a reply from the engineers and possibly parts…

**** Update*****

Yep, I need a “new board” which will be sent out today. Fingers crossed.

Seems to be the exact thing that happened with the Deltas back in June (3 years ago?)


First, thanks for your feedback and continuous support!

Sorry about the misunderstanding on the phone, the issue happened on your machine is not the firmware but the mainboard. Even if the sd image is broken, the screen should still show some text. What we meant is that we have experiences helping customers remotely. The firmware does not brick machines since we have the recovering mechanism in the system.

But still, we feel sorry about the situation and will help you to solve it as soon as possible.

In addition, we’ll enhance the unboxing tutorial if anything is unclear. There is one thing weird to me: the instructions should be seen right after you open the box, where did you find the quick guide paper?


Thanks for the reply.

Yes. The misunderstanding on the phone was pretty bad. I had the complete wrong idea?

The main board?
After being on for 10 minutes?
Just as I was trying to update the firmware?
What is the explanation for my problem?

You guys have to be way more precise with the language you use. The impression I got on the phone is that it is a known issue that the firmware update causes problems with the customers in Taiwan. Which I then posted onto kickstarter.

Can’t edit kickstarter posts.

Better make a new update to clear the air.


Unboxing tutorial.

Again your end users are not always going to be engineers or people who have a lot of experience with this kind of equipment.

A 10 second video is not enough especially when there are 3 or 4 things happening in the video. The video about the first laser test. There are a bunch of things happening. The distance of the workpiece to the laser head? It is controlled by that knob that raises and lowers the whole work area platform but… How would I know that? No one says anything about it in the video. Or that the acrylic (foot/peg) is the measurement for the distance to the top of the workpiece?

The knob to control the raising and lowering of the work area platform is too small. Something bigger that someone can Geta good grip on would be better. Something like they have on CNC or milling machines maybe? I find the knob really hard to use to move the platform.

The paper was inside the small flux branded box inside the Beambox (in the box that was covering the laser head etc.

I soaked my acrylic clear panel in IPA to get the paper off of it. That worked really well actually. Managed to get everything off.

A funnel for the water tank would be nice. I happed to have one in my office.

Do I have to refill the water tank often? Is it for cooling? Is distilled water needed? None of that is written anywhere. The video just has a guy with a PET bottle of water.

The way I have come to understand how to teach people about things that I know a lot about is to have someone who knows nothing about what I am doing come and try my classes. I think you need to do the same thing with your products. Get people who know nothing about the products or process to try to set them up and use them.


  1. You were late with production. You went silent about the production delays.
  2. You were late shipping. You were silent about the shipping delays.

So it is very much like the FLUX delta. Same issues, same mistakes, same lack of transparency, same poor customer service.

But you are a good engineering company. Hire someone else to do your customer service work?

I get it. Kickstarter is not the same as normal sales. However. The way you marketed it on Kickstarter was a finished product that was in production. This does not seem to be the reality.

The fact that my unit failed 10 minutes into using it is terrible. I really have no words for that now. I was able to understand it as a firmware update that bricked the machine. The fact now that you say it is a main board issue is very sad. This looks like a quality control issue in the manufacturing process.

Plus you sent me a tracking number on Tuesday at 3pm for the new board. It has not even been picked up from your office yet and it is now 3pm Thursday. Bit of a tease that is. Better not to generate a tracking number until it is closer to shipping I think.

I remain annoyed, angry and disappointed


BeamBox Week 2

Mainboad replacement:

Required equipment:
Phillips screwdriver
2mm hex wrench (not included with main board)

Watched both videos a few times
Looked at the board and connections
Watched the videos again

I have the same issues with these videos I have with all of your tech support. I AM NOT AN ENGINEER! You skip critical steps because it is something you all know too well.

This is a photo of the old mainboard with all the connections

The man in the video pulled all the plugs and USB cables. Not labeling or explaining a single one. Then just puts them back in, how does he know the order?

I took the USB connectors out one by one and plugged them immediately into the new board

There is a bank of 3 terminals with black, red, blue wires, What is the correct order if you do not mark them.

I took video. I took photos. I still screwed it up because my touchscreen does not work.

Beambox will boot. It all turns on.

Touchscreen will not respond.

As far as I can tell the touch screen is driven by the HDMI cable and the USB cable only?

New board and connections


Still don’t have a working machine.