April 1st shipping



When reading the Kickstarter comments many are wondering about the April 1st shipments.

We got a DHL Tracking but it is still stand on “Shipment information received”.

Did you miss the April 1st deadline?

When can we expect the shipment?




My estimated shipping was April 1.
I got the first message form DHL Mar. 24th and the package arrived in Denmark Mar 28th.


My tracking status still in “Shipment information received”. :frowning:


You will be receiving a second DHL notice when it actually on the carrier and ship it to you.


I also received my DHL notification on march 27, but it haven’t change the status of the shipment since then. I hope if the shipment is late, it’s because maybe flux team are fixing some issues with the hardware that I have seen here on the forum with some users, like the leak of filament on the head of the printer, and some noises with the filament feeder.


This is an educated guess… Not first hand knowledge: the first weekend in April is a big holiday in Taiwan. Four day weekend for tomb sweeping. I know last time it was also a big holiday but we bunch our holidays up. Now, folks here tend to make calendar plans beased on time without considering holidays. (Doctors are always having to call and reschedule patients because of this). My best guess is that the plan was for April first because the timeline said “sure” but in actuality the day was in the middle of people going home for the long weekend. Nothing is open Monday and Tuesday. Give it another 24 to 48 hours before worry.


My printer was in the April 1 batch, it left Taiwan two weeks ago and I was able to pick it up in the US (California) one week ago.


Any response from FLUX ?

It´s almost 2 weeks now and still nothing.

The kickstarter commends page is also already full of people waiting with shipment info received on March 27.


Yes is almost 2 weeks and nothing, also I notice that the participation of the staff members has been less active than before. Maybe they are on vacation, or maybe something happen with the production of the machines that they are desperately working on it.


Hey guys,

Sorry for the long wait. The PLA supplier got some delays during shipping and unfortunately bumped into Qingming Festival which cause another delay at the customs. We now have more than 300 machines packed and stacked on the production line awaiting the filament. We will start shipping tomorrow.



Ok, thanks for the info.


What’s happen with shipping, 4 days passed after «tomorrow»?! Still no action with DHL status! More than half month same status! How much it’s will be going on?

P.S. Delay by delay, delay by delay, delay by delay!!! Nothing did in time >:| I BEGIN BELIEVE I NEVER GET MY PRINTER!!


Yeah also I’m wondering about the my printer, the DHL status hasn’t change, I don’t know I ever will receive my printer or not. Just I hope when I received it, I will not have to returned for any malfunction.


That means Flux had print shipping label and is waiting on DHL picking up; then DHL will send you a second notice.


if the packages will ever be picked up that is, it’s 12th now and nothing has changed.


I believe that the Flux team are good people. They have a good product (I have mine). But they are not so good at communicating with us. And they still have some technical hurdles to overcome. This is a successful Kickstarter project. Be patient and you will have an amazing machine.


Hi guys,

I can tell the feelings you have and feel really sorry about that. I know the schedule is delayed and as I said the production kept going since my last post (500+ machines packed now) but the filament didn’t arrive until the late afternoon of Friday. Unfortunately, we met another one-day delay after the weekend caused by the regular stock-taking of the factory which paused all works on the production line. We will ship 100+ units to Taiwan backers today and even more to DHL tomorrow. We deeply appreciate your patience and have confidence that you will get yours very soon.



Hi, Flux,
I find my backer number(1710) being assigned with the shipping date at 1st April, 2016. However I do not receive any email or message to notify me about my delivery arrangement.
Please advise what is should do for case follow up.