Any idea why this has failed twice?


So I am trying to print this out

And it has failed twice in the same way (bottom left area is moved or something.) It seems. It starts fine, gets squirrelly, and then seems fine. Is it the model or the machine?

I used cura2 and slic3r both on low quality. Shouldn’t need supports according to the model details.


Not sure, I’ve been meaning to print one of these out for a while, so I’ll print one off and check back with results


Try it with supports and/or a raft. Not enough bed adhesion is my guess.


It does seem to be an adhesion issue, it looks like your print breaks loose.

What are your print temps for 1st layer and the rest of the layers? I’ve had good success with 220/195 for most pla I’ve used.

What are your infill settings? It looks like you are not providing enough infill, I typically use 15% and concentric or tetrahedral most of the time with cura2, it may use a bit more pla, but it results in a very strong print.

Another setting to look at is travel speed. I’ve noticed that is the travel speed is too fast the head will strike the previous layer is it moves to the section of the layer to print and make a noise, this is the nozzle hitting the print and that came sometimes result in a head tilt or breaking the print loose from the base.

Good Luck.