After software installation only a window with NW.JS shows up


@atkulp thank you for your help! =)


@atkulp Thank you for this helpful information as I’ve been frustrated over this topic for sometime now. I tried running through your step by step and ran into an issue during Step 4. Do you mind elaborating on how you obtained the file list within Step 5? Thanks again!


You said you ran into an issue in Step 4. If you can’t complete Step 4, you won’t have a file list for Step 5! If you have either WinZip or 7-Zip installed you should be able to right-click on FLUX_Studio.exe and Open Archive. That will give you the file list I show in Step 5.


Like atkulp said, if you had an issue with step 4, step 5 can’t happen. And just in case you’re still confused as to why you need to open up the executable in another program… FLUX_Studio.exe is a SelF-eXtracting archive (SFX) , so what you are doing is opening that archive in 7Zip (or WinZip). You’re not running the program, you’re opening the archive up so you can manually copy the files from it. :wink: