9 weeks no Shipping Notification


I ordered a flux delta July first and now it is September first and I have heard nothing on whether my flux has shipped or not. I was expecting a notification as late as last week but nothing came from flux nor DHL. I need to get started with 3D printing soon. This is more than a hobby right now, I need to get back into the engineering community and I need prototypes. Please, I just want my printer.


I ordered “pre-ordered” mine in May 2016 & still have yet to hear anything on it beyond my payment confirmation.
at the time it was mentioned on there site “$250 off for pre-ordered” & “pre-orders are shipped in 3-4 weeks”
So I ordered, payed & assumed Id have it by early July. (maybe you did the same?)

I later learned “Pre-orders will be shipped right after the fulfillment of Kickstarter.” So theirs a line before this line.
Finding a “FAQ When will the machine deliver?” https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/215994938-When-will-the-machine-deliver- on there page I thought I was going to finally get some answers, the reply was a link to there shipping schedule http://update.flux3dp.com/8/en/ & batches they have shipped. None of it helped as all the dates appear Off? you can look for yourself.

I’m more confused than ever, I’v been out like $800 & a printer, i have no idea when I am going to get it Or if its even going to be this year? : C

I just want information, answers & my printer.
I just joined here few days ago hoping someone can enlighten me of whats happening.


Hi @Lawrence_Miller_IV,
I believe you have received our update email, we’re waiting for your reply in the Help Center!

Hi @ClayMuffins,
Sorry for the long wait, could you give us the email address you used when ordering? So we can look it up for you. Please also submit a request thru here: https://flux3dp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new so we don’t miss your messages. Thanks!


There is only so far that my patience will extend and you have gone beyond it’s limit. I am going to file for a full refund given the latest news about the Flux. I was willing to wait until the end of the year for my printer but your company contacting me and saying you will no longer be producing the product I have ordered has gone too far. To make matters worse you stated that you could meet the shipping deadline but chose not to so you could push out a newer version of the Flux Delta. The decisions you have been making as a company are destroying your credibility and any faith your customers still had in you. I will eventually get a Flux Delta under two conditions: your company meets the shipping deadlines you set and I don’t find a better product on the market. For now, I will need to find someone else to invest may time and money in.