3d print dishwasher part?


Hello! I have broken a small part of my dishwasher and I was happy to design and print it with my delta.

It’s a wheel that helps the carriage to go in and out.

All was ready but suddenly I asked myself : this piece will stay inside the dishwasher during the wash process, with dishes and glasses, at 60° 70° C. Could it be a bad idea?

So I ask here… What do you think?

This is the part:


70 degrees is pretty much the max temp for a part like that as this temp is where PLA starts to break down. ABS filament is ideal, but the petg filament may be best.


Thanks for your reply


since the flux doesn’t have a heated bed for ABS you can’t print big ABS parts but the part you have… it should print fine without a heated bed, one more thing you can do is create a raft with PLA then pause your print and switch it with ABS,
but because the ABS is gonna melt the PLA your gonna have a stuck raft, so you should be better with a 2 layer raft…
anyway… Good Luck!


As someone who has put something printed with PLA into the dishwasher, I wouldn’t recommend it. I had a sponge tray that I printed and put in the dishwasher. It came out bent/misshapen and discolored.


lol… yeah… what was it… glassification at 60c or something for PLA? So if it’s at 60-70 degrees and under mechanical stress… expect bad things to happen! :open_mouth:


nice short form, just check online(didn’t remember it) it PLA glass transition teperature