1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards PLEASE VOTE


If anyone wants to, head over to the site below and make some nominations (Ideally for FLUX Delta for printer of the year, and FLUX 3DP as company) in the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards. The time for voting is closing fairly soon so get your nominations in.

There are several other categories you can vote on, such as material (filament or product), industry contributor, influencer (YouTubers), Designer, Software, Sharing Sites, etc.

Kind of a way for everyone to give back a little and help our cottage industry/culture grow a bit more.



Okay everyone, the nominations are done, and official voting is now going on.

We did not get enough votes in to make the list, but we can still get write-in votes. We are a small community. :slight_smile: But we can still make some noise and try to get some attention for FLUX.

Please go to: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/3d-printing-industry-awards-voting-open-107886/

The category is Personal 3D printer of the year (FFF/FDM) Tick X Other and write in FLUX Delta(please)

The rest of the list has some outstanding nominees and all are great contributors to the 3D printing community. For me, the most difficult decision was actually the second category “teacher and community advocate of the year”. The list of nominees are all great, but Angus Deveson (Maker’s Muse) and Tom Sanladerer (Toms3DP) are both very deserving of the title. Hard choice.