#118 Delta+ Printing Toolhead does not heat!


I received my Flux the 26th of July 2017. I did the setup program perfectly and made my two first simple pieces without a bug.

But since this wonderful day, I have a problem with the Printing toolhead who do not succeed in warming (stops at ~16°C) and puts in the wrong (default #118).

Yesterday the problem (#118) is appearing during a surprising print and impossible to restart the process…

Today, impossible to 3D print. Even once…
I’ve made many engraving works absolutly correct but changing the toolhead doesn’t change anything (who knows?..).

The Flux Help Center answer me that this might caused by poor contact and ask me to apply the rubber cable holder. What I’ve done since the first breath of the printer.

Waiting, plug/unplug the cable, screaming on it, restart the software, reboot the printer, downgrade toolhead firmware/FS, back to manufacture settings, … nothing works.

Please, if anyone as an idea, a magical power, a real solution are just the same problem, HELP ME !!!


You might open tool head to see any loose wires/connector inside. Hope it help.


I would not open the printhead, if it is just received, it should be under warranty. Ask the support to send you a replacement head under warranty and let them worry about fixing it. If you open the printhead, you may void the warranty.