#110 Toolhead not detected. Make sure the toolhead cable is attached correctly


As the title says, I can’t get the printer to detect the toolhead. Unplugged and plugged it back it to no avail.


Hii, im sorry your having trouble with your flux and nobody replied! could you try unplugging then rotating the cable 180 degrees and replugging? also, try changing your FLUX studio version. Hope This Helps! again im very sorry for not seeing this earlier.


I agree with aw1.
Also check that is is completely in… I once had the same issue after doing some maintenance and not pushing the cable far engough into the connector.

especially if you have a Flux with the upgrade kit or a Flux + (I guess the plus has the same connections as the upgrade kit).


I reinstalled the firmware and it seems to have worked. I noticed that when I went into Machines > Flux > Toolhead Info, there was no response. Once I reinstalled the firmware, the error went away and the menu info returns the correct response.